Makes it easy to create and edit windows and doors for FREE

WinDoor is a great free extension to SketchUp. It makes modeling window and door assemblies easy. Its limitations are that the profiles are basic and bespoke layouts may need some intervention by hand. If you want to move to the next level you can also buy my extension Window+ for just $25. I designed Window+ around real user feedback from WinDoor and some clever new and extremely easy to use editing methods. You can divide the plane of the window any way you like, really easily. Check out the Window+ videos on the Extension Warehouse or see the introduction here at The latest version of Window+ is out now and comes in English, German and French.

Staying with WinDoor? Then 1st start Sketchup2015 or higher, download and install the extension from the Extension Warehouse and you should find the 'WinDoor' tool in the Extensions drop down menu. If it's not there first time just try restarting Sketchup.
When you have created a 'WinDoor' you can edit it parametrically. Select it, right click on it and select 'Edit WinDoor' from the context menu.
See the video which explains how to use the plugin on YouTube

My other extensions-

FMS_Stair, a free extension to draw simple stairs.

circle3x3dpoints, a free extension which lets you draw a full circle from 3 number 3d points.

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I'm an architect who writes Sketchup Ruby extensions.
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