Join edges and curves into "polylines"

Select multiple connected edges, curves, and/or arcs ("connected" means having common endpoints), then use the Weld tool to join them into a single "polyline".


3.0.3 - Fixed bug that prevented closed shapes from welding
3.0.2 - First version posted to Extension Warehouse


this great when I first started using it in SU pro 2018, but often when I use it it doesnt weld the line s and actually divides others

Thanks! Very useful!

Thank you for this plugin.
And indeed, it works under Sketchup 17.

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and 2018 pro.

An amazingly useful plug-in! I didn't realize how much I needed it, until I starting using it. Now I find that I'm using it all over, especially after extruding closed shapes along paths. You'd think that SketchUp itself would be smart enough to keep the parts of an extruded shape all together, so "Weld" would not even be necessary, but that's not the case. Even something as simple as doing a "follow me" of a circle along a straight line, breaks the circle into dozens of line segments. Thank God for "Weld" that can put back together what SketchUp breaks! I wish there were some way to "upvote" plugins, because I'd certainly give you a bunch of them for developing this!

PS. You should add "SketchUp 2017" to your compatibility list: it works just fine with 2017, as far as I can see.

amazing..... love this plugin

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Thanks a lot....

EDIT2: SUPER Plugin! works great

EDIT: Seems Fixed - Not sure how or why (and I'm sure the bug was there, but somehow I must have removed some corrupted datafile somewhere) - whatever the case... the issue is not an issue any more and the versions are the same.

Seems to conflict with Octane Render from Otoy. if either Octane Render or Weld are alone in the plugin folder there is no problem. However if they are together, then Sketchup will crash on loading the plugins.

App Version: Sketchup 2017
Weld version:: 3.0.5
Octane Render Plugin version::
OS:: Windows 7 x64

reviewing the plugin loading from the crash log, it seems that octane is loading fine, but then weld does not load before sketchup crashes.

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Благодарю! Всё работает прекрасно!

Amazing! super useful and running just fine on sketchUp 2016!

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Works well on Sketchup Pro 2017

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Does this work with Sketchup 2017?

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Yes, it does.

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Is there any plans for updates for the 2016 ane 2017 versions of sketchup?

thank you very much!

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Before the plugins I was wandering how to join the line, but you solved the problem. Thanks a lot the whole credit goes to you.

thanks for sharing

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Very useful extension.
Works in Sketchup 2016.
Thanks a LOT.

Hallelujah! Thank you.

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this is super helpful, saved my ass today. thank you!

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Works with the 2016 version of Sketchup - do not know why lines don't just connect natively.

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What do the settings change? I've tried changing them, but I notice the same functionality no matter what.

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Now if someone can come up with an extension that can DIVIDE polylines, that would be great.

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There is a functionality to divide lines. Just right click on your polyline and choos divide. You will see red buttons appear on the line. Move your cursor on the line to choose how many divisions and click left mouse button

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Right click and choose explode curve (at least in sketchup 8)

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I can WELD!!!! I am most grateful.

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I love you!!! You saved my behind, now gotta get back to work.

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Fantastic thanks.

Why is this not part of Sketch up already??

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First-time user and I had the same question. Should be a built-in feature.

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Blows my mind.

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puzzled by this -

I want to use it before i am asked to review it, but all I get when I try to get it is this review page. Why won’t it show up as a tool I can use?

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excellent plugin !!!
Thank you so much :)

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Sehr Güt

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Super! Great work, and thank you.

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really great work thanks man

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every time i use weld it only welds some of the segments - it will not join all segments of one topo line together... and it only does this to some lines and not to others - there is no commonality between the lines it works on and those it does not... i've tried changing the settings...same story. any advice please?

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make sure the line geometry is good. If you zoom in there may be extra or mis-joined lines that need correcting before they can be welded...

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Very useful tool! Installs fine on version 2015

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Gracias, Muy util

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Same problem here. I also use SU 2013. Tried the version from Smustards homepage but gets the following error message:
Error Loading File (...)/Plugins/smustard_Weld/weld.rb
uninitialized constant Smustard::Submenu
Error Loading File smustard_Weld.rb
uninitialized constant Smustard::Submenu

Smustard Team's picture

Please try downloading it from Smustard again. Make sure any previous downloaded files are removed to prevent errors.

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A little late in the game but I just wanted to report that it worked. Thanks for a very useful plugin!

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Error Loading File C:/Program Files (x86)/SketchUp/SketchUp 2013/Plugins/smustard_Weld/weld.rb
C:/Program Files (x86)/SketchUp/SketchUp 2013/Plugins/smustard_Weld/weld.rb:69: constant re-assignment
C:/Program Files (x86)/SketchUp/SketchUp 2013/Plugins/smustard_Weld/weld.rb:71: constant re-assignment
C:/Program Files (x86)/SketchUp/SketchUp 2013/Plugins/smustard_Weld/weld.rb:75: constant re-assignment
C:/Program Files (x86)/SketchUp/SketchUp 2013/Plugins/smustard_Weld/weld.rb:77: constant re-assignment
Error Loading File smustard_Weld.rb
C:/Program Files (x86)/SketchUp/SketchUp 2013/Plugins/smustard_Weld/weld.rb:69: constant re-assignment
C:/Program Files (x86)/SketchUp/SketchUp 2013/Plugins/smustard_Weld/weld.rb:71: constant re-assignment
C:/Program Files (x86)/SketchUp/SketchUp 2013/Plugins/smustard_Weld/weld.rb:75: constant re-assignment
C:/Program Files (x86)/SketchUp/SketchUp 2013/Plugins/smustard_Weld/weld.rb:77: constant re-assignment

Excuse me, i got this message when instal this plugins. What is that mean? Thx you so much.

Smustard Team's picture

It means that SU 2013 doesn't like a code block that should work fine (and does in 2014). I'll get it updated ASAP.

EDIT: file uploaded for review. It should be available soon. Meanwhile, the version on Smustard is working.


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nevermind, i downloaded it directly from your website and that seemed to work.

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i get an error box in sketchup when i try to install the file and then restart sketchup. it says "constant reassignment"?

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Needs to be upgraded for SketchUp 2014

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