Save and restore camera views independent of Scene tabs

ViewSaver allows you to save and restore camera views independent of Scene tabs.  This is useful if you don't want the overhead of storing style, shadow, hidden geometry, or layer information for some quick viewpoint changes.  In essence, it is the same as a scene tab that stores only the camera settings, but without taking up a scene tab position.


Activate the dialog from the View>View Saver menu item.
In the dialog, you can:

  • click "Add view" to add a view, or
  • click a view name to activate the view, or
  • click the "x" on the right-hand side to delete a view (you will be prompted to verify the removal)


Future Plans

Planned updates include

  • specifying view names
  • renaming views.

Planned Pro features include

  • custom ordering
  • sort and filter functions
  • creating a Scene from a view
  • grouping views
  • sharing views between models

(please note that all planned features are subject to change)

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