Video Texture Plugin for Sketchup
Plays Videos on Textures and thereby on any Surface of a 3D-Model (30-Day Demo Version)
Video Texture Plugin for Sketchup

With this plugin you can play videos (most common file formats supported) on textures and therefore on any surface of a Sketchup model. This can be used for different kinds of animations, or to just integrate a movie into some scene.

Currently only Windows is supported , No Mac Support yet, sorry. Maybe later.

  • Any number of videos possible simultanously (as your hardware performance supports)
  • Intuitive and Simple User Interface
  • Fluent live playback on reasonably modern hardware with not too complex models.
  • Render to file function for full framerate rendering
  • Scene-Animation Support
  • Full individual control over Videos (Start,Stop, Seek to any position)
  • Video Associations are stored with the model, so after opening a saved model, everything is still as it was when it was saved. Relative file paths are used, so a model and videos in the same directory can be moved to any place.
  • Sketchup 8 - 2015 incl 64-Bit versions supported


As soon as the plugin is installed you should get a tiny "Video Textures" window with 3 icons. You can move/dock this into your tool-bars. In case you close it, you can find it again in the Toolbars Menu/Window. The leftmost icon opens the video textures window.  Click "Add new Video Texture" (for as many as you need) , then click the folder icon in each entry, to open a video file for each video texture. Use the paint bucket icon (per video texture) to apply the texture to a surface. Click the play button to start the video. Enable looping (rightmost button) if desired.
The video texture window can be closed, videos will continue to run. It can be reopened as initially described. The other two buttons in the tool-bar that look like play and pause can be used to play and pause all videos, even while the video textures window is closed.

Note: While videos are playing, starting scene animations the usual way does currently not work , use the Scene-Animation buttons in the video texture window to play the Scene-Animation instead. Do not use the standard File -> Export -> Animation function to render output videos with video textures playing , use the [Render] function in the video textures window.
This all doesnt apply if you have no videos playing in a model.



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