Vertex Tools
A powerful vertex editor for SketchUp!
Vertex Tools

Take control over each vertex with this vertex editor for SketchUp. Soft selections are a must for organic modelling and the manipulator gizmo gives you great control when modelling.

On the Vertex Tools website you will find a list of all features along with a comprehensive manual and videos.

30 Day Trial

Vertex Tools can be tried for 30 days (registration required) where after the trial period you have to purchase a license to continue to use it. Purchace Vertex Tools for only $20.

SketchUcation Premium Subscribers get 20% discount if they purchase via SketchUcation Store.

Menus & Toolbars

  • Tools » Vertex Tools
  • Context Menu » Vertex Tools
  • Toolbars » Vertex Tools


  • SketchUp 6* or newer
  • Windows XP or newer (Internet Explorer 7 or newer)
  • OSX 10.4 or newer. (Intel or PPC)

* Axis lock doesn't work with user-defined axis in SketchUp 6

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tomasz c's picture

feature request ;]:::
-quicker way for changing gizmo mode ;maybe shortcuts or another panel;

- dynamic placement of gizmo 'icon' [keeping it front of camera .. if this is possible ]

ThomThom's picture

What gizmo mode are you thinking of? The orientation? (local, world, screen etc?)

tomasz c's picture

.. erase tool, too .. is useful the most

tomasz c's picture


Thomas B.'s picture


I have downloaded and installed the extension, sketchup pro 2015 keeps on crashing anytime I try to select and move multiple vertices. I'm on macOs Sierra 10.12. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)

PS : There is also this apparently "unsolvable" problem of tiny tiny UI on retina display but I guess If the plugin worked I would try to tolerate the super tiny UI...

ThomThom's picture


When you say crashing, does SketchUp exit? Or do you mean the error dialog showing up (the one saying "oops"?) If the latter, did you submit the error report? (By the way, it maybe be easier to follow up on this via the help portal:

As for the tiny UI issue, that stems from that VT was made a long time ago before high DPI monitors were that common. SketchUp is only now starting to get some support for that in the API. I'm working on updating the extension - including high DPI support.

Thomas B.'s picture

Hi !

Yes, When I say crashing, Sketchup quits. Didn't submit the error report just yet, but will do!

Thomas T.'s picture

Can you make sure to mention Vertex Tools in the description. And let me know - please open a support ticket using this form:

Hi ThomThom,

Thank you for your quick reaction.

I am not sure what you mean with the term: open a group of component?

Know only: explode with menu-button and double click with left mouse. Is there more?

However, you will win the golden award from all SU users over the whole world.

Moving an object in the right direction is the most frustating handling in our SU-life.

Crazy, crazy, crazy stuff..

Can you give me a sign when you are ready? Or as try-out.

Of course in combination with the magnetic system to click and move to the right points.

Maybe nice present already for Christmast time :)

Willem Bos


Vertex tools looks great. I am now working with a try-out.

But the strange thing it's look like to work only with exploded groups.

Why that? Gizprom would be great for moving and placing elements, groupes and copies.

Normal Mover using from SU is really a bad crime against human nature!

think the evil software could be beat that!

Willem Bos


Vertex tools looks great. I am now working with a try-out.

But the strange thing it's look like to work only with exploded groups.

Why that? Gizprom would be great for moving and placing elements, groupes and copies.

Normal Mover using from SU is really a bad crime against human nature!

think the evil software could be beat that!

Willem Bos

ThomThom's picture

Hi Willem
It doesn't have to be exploded, you can open a group or component - and Vertex Tools will work on that.

I have however been playing with the idea of making the gizmo stand-alone - so that it work on any selection and entity in SketchUp.

Can I create a vertex on a vertical surface at a specific elevation? I am interested in being able to manipulate the vertex to specific locations.

ThomThom's picture

You cannot create single vertices - they need to be part of an edge or face. SketchUp doesn't allow otherwise.

If you need to move vertices to a specific position, you can even use the native Move tool for this: Look at point 6 that describe how to enter relative or absolute coordinates.

andrea I.'s picture

dear Thom

could you kindly tell me the link to purchase this extension?

Andrea F.'s picture

Help me Thom! The plugin Vertex tool doesn't work, I purchased it an hour ago and I'm going crazy to making it work. Nothing. I've already posted a reply on Sketchucation but it has to be approved.
I load the plugin by Sketchucation plugin installer but nothing happens. When I restart SU, it aappears on screen an error message!
I have windows 8, SU 2015

ThomThom's picture

Hi Andrea

Can you post the error message using the support form?
You can find it here:



Not sure if this is the correct place to ask this question but any help would be appreciated.

I have bought the Vertex plugin for one of our users but I can't see where to enter the activation key. The user is currently using the trial version.



Thomas T.'s picture

Hi Francis

The official way to get support is via this page:

The comments section here isn't checked every day.

To enter you license key go to Tools > Vertex Tools > License

(Should you have any further issue, use the form in the link above.)


Thank you for your help and for pointing me in the right direction if I've any further issues Thomas.



Franz A's picture

hey tom tom,

thanks for you awesome plugin..

may i offer 2 wishes =) the first i have posted alread over at sketchucation...

1. having the ability to flatten to specific planes xy yz xz for a start would be enough but it would be even more awesome if we could set the "plane" via 3 point click while the tool is in action....

2. having the ability to only merge close vertices which are for example not connected to unhidden edges or something like that - that is, giving the user some way of identifing the vertices which need some cleanup - maybe also layers and materials could be used as filters....

thanks for your efforts

ThomThom's picture

Hi Franz.

1. You can kind of do this already, using the Gizmo and scale to 0. However in V2 it will actually snap to 0 so it'll be easier.

2. Can you post a sample model on the SketchUp forums? (I'll see the post if you post in the Extensions category.) This request needs some clarification and the forum is a better media for that.


Jani F.'s picture


I'm wondering, most of the time I model on my laptop, but when I have a chance I go on my brothers much faster PC. Could I license the plugin to both computers or would I need tu purchase it twice?

Thanks! Keep up the great work!

ThomThom's picture

Hi Jani
The license is per user - so you can use it on however many machines as you like.

Jani F.'s picture

That's great, thank you! Purchasing as soon as trial expires, got more work done now in 2 weeks than in month and a half without it, amazing tool!

ThomThom's picture

Happy to hear that! :D

tomasz c's picture

feature request:
extruding ONE vertex , like edge [with +ctrl] :]

ThomThom's picture

Good one! That makes so much sense I had to check if I didn't already have it - because sounds so obvious! Adding it high up on the list! Thanks.

psbDave's picture

+1 on the extrude single vertex capability.

Franz A's picture

hey there,

were is the latest release log??

i m missing the merge to point command =) this would be very helpfull - hope you find time soon to implement this one!!

best, franz

ThomThom's picture

Release log is here:

Merge to Point will be part of version 2. I hope to get that out later this year.

tomasz c's picture

WOW ver 2 in this year! .. Sweet news ;]

Franz A's picture

hm ok - thanks for the info!

N. V.'s picture

please! I no dowload ????

ThomThom's picture

Sounds like Extension Warehouse had a problem. Download works fine for me now though.

(Btw, you can always follow the links to the Vertex Tools website and download from there directly.)

N. V.'s picture

Thanks ThomThom, I executed it !! :)

atek s's picture

Hi i have download the trial version. But it asking for activation for trial when i click its pop any error "NO internet connection". But my internet is connected

ThomThom's picture

Please check that your firewall isn't blocking SketchUp.

Nuno C's picture

Awesome add on!
Been using it since day one. Solved my everlasting editing terrains to match certain points.

The graphic design, interface and overall appearance of the tool bar is simply great.
Very intuitive and user friendly.

The selection tools inside "Vertex" is great with circle, box, freehand and lasso options.
You can also select as soft selection falloff.

On the toolbar, in the modify commands you have Move, Rotate, Scale, Merge and Make Planar.
Finally in the draw option you can insert new vertices for optimum control.

This add on is top notch!
Thank you so much!

Necati G.'s picture

Error: No such file or directory - C:/Users/NECATİ/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2015/SketchUp/Plugins/TT_Vertex/config.dat
c:/users/necatİ/appdata/roaming/sketchup/sketchup 2015/sketchup/plugins/tt_vertex/core.rbs:1057:in `initialize'
c:/users/necatİ/appdata/roaming/sketchup/sketchup 2015/sketchup/plugins/tt_vertex/core.rbs:1057:in `open'
c:/users/necatİ/appdata/roaming/sketchup/sketchup 2015/sketchup/plugins/tt_vertex/core.rbs:1057:in `file_write'
c:/users/necatİ/appdata/roaming/sketchup/sketchup 2015/sketchup/plugins/tt_vertex/core.rbs:1041:in `write_license_data'
c:/users/necatİ/appdata/roaming/sketchup/sketchup 2015/sketchup/plugins/tt_vertex/core.rbs:1320:in `block in register_software'
SketchUp:1:in `call'

Hepl Me Avtive Problem

ThomThom's picture

There is a bug in Ruby that fails to read files from filenames with non English characters. Your username triggers this bug. I'm working on a workaround for this.

Necati G.'s picture

Do not have it be if you change the user name of cure. I use the plugin does not work SketchUp 2015. 2013 also works.

BvN N's picture

Hi, I just downloaded the trial. My email is

unfortunately the program won't let me use my email and says it's an invalid address???

please help - it is my email

also is this the program that allows manipulation of photo textured objects without distorting them?


Roger T.'s picture

free vertex ??

Zooen's picture

Hy, I bought this plugin for SU2015 may I obtain an update for SU2016?

Thank you for your answer

Ian S's picture

I love the "make Planar" command, however when I try to simplify my shape it will pull other adjacent surfaces out of plane. if there was a way to lock vertices, one would have more control determining which plane the "make Planar" command snaps to.

Ar. Nitin S.'s picture

Hi Thom

I purchased the vertex tools yesterday from extension warehouse (link given here) and paid via my PayPal account. Till now I have not yet received my username-password to unlock the tools. Of the numerous plugins purchased by me over last 5-8 years online, this usually does not happen that even after a day of purchase the username passwords are not received, and this is my first experience with purchasing from you.

I have received the payment confirmation email from PayPal and would have liked to attach the same along with this, but there is no attachment / upload facility here. I also do not have your direct email address.

My email addresses are as well as

I really hope you will do the needful and send me the username password ASAP (aka immediately) as I need to work on the toolset on an urgent project and need the same badly, immediately. Thanks.

Ar. Nitin Sharma

John B's picture

Have not gotten my password yet...?