VBO Piping
This script creates pipes from edges in selected groups/components, also adding fittings to vertices. Can update after edit the source (group/component of edges), and replace/ edit the fittings, size, etc...
VBO Piping

This script creates pipes from edges in selected group(s)/component(s), also adding fittings to vertices. 


- "Build Pipes Branch":  All inside edges of selected group(s)/component(s) will be turned to pipe with options (collection, size, type of ending fitting and continue fitting...) can be selected in an input box.

- "Branches modifier": A tool help to edit fitting. The user can rotate, manually replace fittings, add/replace reduce bush, redraw branch(es)... Also can name and add color to any branch(es).

- "2D/3D": A quick switching of displaying the branches in 2D/3D view, base on turn on/off the layers "8_mep_piping2D" and "8_mep_piping3D".

- Double click (Edit Group/Component) to a branch will allow user to edit the source edges and vertices. The branch will be updated to it's "settings" when user finishes the Group/Component editing.
- Can make a BOM (Bill Of Materials) of pipes and fitting by using preset "PIPING" in VBO_Schedule Plugin.


Beer Rule: If you find this plugin helps, can buy me a beer by donating at PayPal https://www.paypal.me/VBOTRUONG ;) Thanks

PS: This version's shipped with only one collection of Metal Pipes. If you need more, go get the PRO VERSION

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