V-Ray Tools²
Suite of tools to aid working with V-Ray for SketchUp.
V-Ray Tools²

Not compatible with VfSU 3.4

This extension was developed to remedy some of the short-comings of the older VfSU versions. As of VfSU v3.4 this extension should not be needed any more.


Despite this plugin was meant to work with V-Ray for SketchUp it is not required to have V-Ray for SketchUp installed. There are several functions which might be of general use.

General Functions

  • Safe Frame and 2D Export. Set safe frames and export 2D images the respect the safe-frame region. Also offer the option of exporting with transparent background.
  • Distance Probe. Measure the distance from the camera to any point the model.
  • Recreate Scene. Tries to recreate the current scene into a new one. Made to work around issues with V-Ray and PhotoMatch scenes. Doesn't always work correctly.

V-Ray for SketchUp Functions

  • Load V-Ray for SketchUp on demand. Disable the VfSU extension and use the Load V-Ray toolbar button to load V-Ray when you need it.
  • Use Selected Material as User Override.
  • Purge V-Ray Materials. Removes all V-Ray properties from the materials.
  • Purge V-Ray Settings and Materials.
  • Purge All V-Ray Data

Menus & Toolbars

  • View » Toolbars » V-Ray Tools²
  • Plugins » V-Ray Tools²
  • Face with Material » V-Ray Tools²


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very good

Martin M's picture

Unable to use this plug-in with v3 of vray for Sketchup. The "Load V-Ray for Sketchup" icon is greyed out.

Running Windows 10, Sketchup 2017 with Vray for Sketchup v3.4.

ThomThom's picture

This extension was made for the older versions of VfSU. As of VfSU 3.4 it shouldn't really be needed as they have been addressing the things that this extension tried to remedy.

William S.'s picture

Our office used the load vray on demand functionality of this plugin so that our limited number of vray licenses would not be taken up when people opened sketchup just to model, since without the plugin, vray automatically grabs a license at the startup of sketchup.

It would be great if this plugin could be updated for just this functionality.

Swissmountain's picture

+ 1

enabling and disabling the Vray extension without going in the extension manager will be awesome (again).

I find the long wait to open even a new window with nothing in it UNBEARABLE.

J F.'s picture


I only can say, it doesn't work...

ThomThom's picture

Not much to go by there...

What SketchUp version?
What OS? (Windows or Mac)
What isn't working? It doesn't load? (Error message?) You don't see any menus/toolbars?
What are you doing when it doesn't work and what is the expected result?

many thanks

Noel H's picture

Hey thanks for all the great plugins. always solid. I'm having a little trouble with the "use selected as override material" function. I'm intrigued by the possibility of selecting a vray toon material to render line work and ambient occlusion by overiding the override material. If you get my drift. I just haven't been able to crack the process. any advice would be apreciated

RENNY R's picture

Thom this Plugin is the same as Vray Toys? I need Vray Toys

Duong T.'s picture

thanks !

amirul H.'s picture

how to install vray for sketchup pro 8 window 10???please help me

Max Andres N.'s picture

how do i install this?

Scott R's picture

Noticed that when trying to demand-load VRay and a license isn't available at the time, the option to load stays grayed out and you cant check to see if one has subsequently come available after the initial inquiry. You have to re-load the model and then check again...when you have a large model this is a very slow process. Is there something I can tweak to overcome this? Otherwise this is a great script to have.

Martin L.'s picture


Giang T's picture


ali i's picture

hello Thom Thom
thx for ur great job, but i really wanna ask u how to export from this !!!

it doesn't export any thing...
thx again :)

Nelson C.'s picture


Radomír K.'s picture

Whether it has toolbar or not, I have to say, thank you Thom Thom.

Ludovic G's picture

Great to be able to load Vray at will. Thank you ThomThom. You are a god ! :-)

Ketaki A's picture

Hie, i downloaded this, but does it render?

ThomThom's picture

No - this is not a render engine. It simply a tool to assist with the process of working with V-Ray for SketchUp.

Rasool Bux K's picture

Dear, THOM THOM I am having many problems with trimble sketchup 2014 pro version:

1- Extension warehouse, when I try to install anything I get this error (Screenshot);

2- The second one error I get when I try to use vray after instaling I get this error (screenshot);

3- This is information about the sketchup software version (screenshot);

After searching out there on net I didn't find any working solutions but I found you instead and I think you are the one who can help me with this.

-I am using windows 7 professional sp1
-I have tried Installing vray like three times
-I have tried Installing sketchup like three times
-I don't have any additional extensions or plugins installed in sketchup

Hope you will reply soon with working method that can help me resolve my problem.

Thank you!

Manuel R.'s picture

Great plugin!!!

***'s picture

After installing the plug-in, a pop-up window says the TT_Lib2 is not installed and asks me to download it. Clicking on the displayed Link doesn't do anything! Help please!

Maxwell F.'s picture

ey, why cant found the file resources?

Hiroshi K's picture

Thom Thom, you're a god among men.
You might as well make a plugin called "TT_Tools" - there will only be one button, a smiley face.

Complicated models in Sketchup for Macs will crash when opening with the added Vray materials. The function that allows me to load Vray after the model has been opened is saving me from a heart attack and a monitor with a hole in it (along with all of your other countless plugins).

If you ever come to Oregon (US), let me know! Cookies and beer!

Adolfo R's picture

very goog

Adolfo R's picture

so good

Adolfo R's picture

its good

JOHN L.'s picture

Why when I exported the image, it showed failure

Le D.'s picture

Sorry i have a question
About the camera tool, if I enter the aspect ratio, for some values, it will "deform" my view, and V-ray will render the deformed view. I dont know to restore it to normal state.
Reset the camera aspect ratio doesnt help.
Help me pls.

Here is the deformed view:

dajaun s's picture

does this render realistically?

Daniel G's picture

How do I find the toolbar? . Not find it.
Sketchup 2013

Justin W's picture


Sketchup crashes then I get a bug splat every time I try to change the aspect ratio.
OSX Lion Sketchup 13 Vrfsu 1.6 Beta

Niels Wergin-Cheek's picture

Hi! Does this work with the Beta Version of VfS (1.60.22) that's just been released on 08 May?
Many thanks!

ThomThom's picture

Yup! :)

Pedro G.'s picture

en un futuro funcionara la barra flotante de este plugin para sketchup 2013?

ThomThom's picture

Not sure if I understood - I had to use Google Translate. But if it's a question about missing toolbar then:

Regarding the missing toolbar - this is a bug in the initial release of SketchUp 2013. You can find the toolbar hidden under your existing docked toolbar. Undock them and double-click it in order to undock it.