Utilities Tools
The Utilities submenu contains two tools: Create Face and Query Tool.
Utilities Tools

Adds Tools->Utilities to the SketchUp interface.  The Utilities submenu contains two tools: Create Face and Query Tool.


Seriously - this and Solar north were basic tools embedded in SU before - now its telling me that are not compatible with SU 2017 - FIX IT TRIMBLE

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If you're going to make us dig for the tools, the least you could do is make a toolbar for them. Do that, and we might think about forgiving you for taking our toys away!

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No idea why I had to download this basic feature of every 3D program separately.

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Thanks it works well, but I need to select only the lines for one face. Can't select a bunch of lines and use the tool to create faces for all the lines. Or maybe I miss something?

For ppl wondering how to install the plugin:
Open SketchUp
Go to SketchUp -> Preferences -> Extensions
Click on the button "Install Extension"
Select the plugin in your Download folder.
Now it works !

To use the tools:
Select your lines
Click to Tools -> Utilities -> Create face

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Agree with the other experienced users here

The Utilities Tools and the Solar North Tools should be embedded in the base version of SU..

They were originally and it is just dumb to have these as extensions....

Every project I manipulate the north point and

Every project I Interogate my file it identify the Z height [essential in construction...

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how to install it in sketch 2015?

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thanks for wasting my time trying to find this, good work trimble

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Having owned Sketchup from the beginning, I find this tool, especially the create face function, to be an invaluable asset to the process. Specifically, if you can NOT create a face using this tool, something is wrong: either the edges aren't joined, or they aren't co-planar. It should be a part of the base program. I really do not like to have to go hunting for this every time there's a new update.

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It seems that the „Create Face-Tool“ only works for rectangles. Importing a dwg I only get lines and I would like to make faces for the whole drawing - and also strange shapes. Is there any way to do that? I used to work in an office where that funktion was called „make faces“. Can’t find any plug-in with that name...

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Hi Sophie V.

The extension you speak of was Make Faces by Todd Burch
Available here: http://www.smustard.com/script/MakeFaces

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Create faces won't work, even on a simple drafted in-plane square. Wtf?

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The Create Face tool is unbeliavably useful - can't understand why need an extension for it. Could ther be, or is there already somewhere, a Create Face button that could be placed on the panel?

"Requested access to invalid URL: skp:launchEW@tt_lib㎎2B2", everytime i´ve tried to launch the app…help anyone?

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I too cannot find my Query tool, Warehouse says it is installed… I am on a Mac Mavericks.
what do I need to do?

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I just installed it in 2014 pro with no problems

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What type of query can you perform? I am assuming not an SQL query?!

I'm sorry this is not an answer. I want to use query tool in SU13. But the choice of "utilities" is lost in the preference menu after upgrading to SU13, and I cannot activate the query tool in SU13. In your SU13, was there the "utilities" choices in preference's menu from the upgrade?

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You need to install this query tool extension. This will add the utilities option to the preferences menu.

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I'm having to activate the tool each time SU13 starts. Bug or my system? Windows 7 Pro 64x.

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