Use any scan data directly in SketchUp. Create models from point clouds, extract surface meshes
  • Undet4SketchUp - Interface

Undet for SketchUp offers a unique opportunity to use any scan data directly in SketchUp environment and provides great tools for efficient point cloud visibility and coloring management.

Download a free two days trial from the product page: http://www.undet.com/software/for-sketchup-v1/

New! Undet for V2 is SketchUp released. Along with the support of SketchUp 2018 we improved snapping to point cloud points, implemented coordinate system transformation and introduced a whole new automated features extraction functionality that allows to detect and automatically extract planes corner lines and surface meshes. Watch the “What’s New” video for a more detail overview of the new functionality: https://youtu.be/SffF7yIfkoI

Shall you have any questions, contact us at http://www.undet.com/contact/


Undet supports SketchUp 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and works only with Windows OS. Mac OS is not supported.

Important for NVIDIA Quadro GPU series users. In order to launch Undet and SketchUp with your Quadro graphical processor, you must launch SketchUp via a separate “Undet for SketchUp” icon. Otherwise, you'll see just an empty clipping box with no point cloud in it. Read more on video cards here.