Bends instances to a given degree, preserving the original length.

Bends instances to a given degree, preserving the original length of the reference segment. Currently the reference segment is the bottom front of the boundingbox.

The bend is performed at the bottom front bounding box edge - so make sure your instance axis line up with the bend.

Menus & Toolbars

  • Tools » TrueBend
  • Right Click » TrueBend
  • Toolbars » TrueBend

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Hello Thom Thom,
First thanks for this extension.
I tried it today but I have an issue.
When I try to bend a simple rectangle (red and green axis) by 90° it works but add a rotation !?!

Is there something to do to not have this rotation?
a setting?

Thanks for your reply


Thomas L's picture

Hi extension works very well. A very useful tool to have in the SketchUp toolbox.

When geometry Group contains "Edge" without "Fill", bending segmentation does not occur.

When geometry is a single line in the X-Axis, SketchUp bugsplats.

new user here.. cant change the axis or side to bend. cant achieve the straight stair to curve stair

ThomThom's picture

At the moment the bend is only along the X axis.

wei's picture

Great plug-in, thank you for sharing

is there a possibility to set up the number of segment used for bending?

Best regards


ThomThom's picture

Same as when you set segments of an Arc or Circle using the VCB. Enter a number followed by "s". For instance "6s".

Matthew V.'s picture

Thomas does it again with another incredible plugin!

Why does the pluggin require access to the files on my computer?

ThomThom's picture

It doesn't access files.
Where does this question come from?

Rgerory G's picture

How to assign an arbitrary number of segments?
Thank you

ThomThom's picture

When the tool is active, enter a number followed by "s" in the VCB. For instance "6s" will give you 6 segments.

Hallo TOM....this is SUPER Plugin for free!!!....i can saying only - THANK YOU !! , and best regards from Austria.....:)

hayesdavies's picture

Good one!
Thank you!

Виталий В.'s picture

Wow, this is very good, cool plugin))) Do not you have a goal to create a movet and rotation plug-in as in 3d max?

ThomThom's picture

You mean something similar to what is in my Vertex Tools extension?

Виталий В.'s picture


Thanks a lot

J.Nalda's picture

wow, thanks thumbs up!!!

Tu L.'s picture

Thank ThomThom, goodlucky

S.Cengiz I.'s picture

it looks like the curic's bend.

ThomThom's picture

The difference is that TrueBend preserves the length of the original reference segment. With this current version the reference segment is the bottom front side of the boundingbox. (I want to later add ability to pick arbitrary reference segment.)

S.Cengiz I.'s picture

I'm sure that you will do the best.Please add the surface selection property.İt takes the time axis arragement of the object.

How to enter a value in the numeric bar to change the radius of the bend. It is like entering a value in a numerical bar to change the angle and bend the distance.

ThomThom's picture

You cannot control the radius of the bend, only the angle.
You enter a value like any other tool in SketchUp, start typing and you'll see the value appear in the VCB.

Chris M.'s picture

it would be great to input the radius. is this possible? i mean something you can impliment?
I have a half circle with radius 3800mm. i need to break this down into 4 ft lengths (sheet size). if i could draw a 4ft length then give it a radius... solves problem - 'True Bend' keeps original length!??

ThomThom's picture

It's currently not possible. I'd have to look into the maths and see how easily doable it is. Originally I wanted to be able to enter the sagitta of the bend, but that turned out a lot more challenging than I'd expected. I'm not sure if bending by radius will be the same...

I logged an issue for this:

Chris M.'s picture

Amazing work BTW

Thanks <3

Steve H's picture

Fantastic. Will give it a go. Until now have been using Fredo's radial bend. Does the bend transformation preserve texture mapping?

ThomThom's picture

No, afraid not. Been thinking of it. But it's not trivial. I have it on my list of things to look into;

S.Cengiz I.'s picture

Just one direction bending.It would be better than fredo scale if there are more directions.Thank you anyway.

ThomThom's picture

Ideally I want to be able to pick any segment (edge) to bend around. But that'll have to be a task for later. (Didn't mean to make this extension in the first place, but I needed this for a very specific task.)

Thank you for sharing!


The imagination is so good ! Thanks for sharing..

wittaya S.'s picture

thank you

Max Coppoletta's picture

Flawless, wow..! Thanks TT