Trimble Scan Explorer Extension
Now Supporting Additional File Formats!!! The Trimble® Scan Explorer Extension is a powerful, easy-to-use tool for architects, engineers and geospatial professionals to create models from 3D scanning data in SketchUp Pro
Trimble Scan Explorer Extension

Now supporting additional file formats!!! The Trimble Scan Explorer Extension dramatically reduces the time required to generate a SketchUp™ Pro 3D model from scan data.  Streamlined tools allow users to quickly extract construction points and lines that are used as a guide to simplify and expedite the modeling process.  Automated plane extraction tools further increase modeling efficiency, particularly when modeling building interiors and facades. 



When trying to install an InstallShield Wizard error occurs:
"An error occurred while downloading the file http://..../Microsoft Visual C++ 2013...(x64).prq. What would you like to do?" (path shortened)

Dear Hartmut,
I was able to reproduce this error by disconnecting from the internet. if I connect back to a valid network then the download is done properly and I don't have the error anymore.
If your network does not allow this connection for any reason you can try to download this c++ packages from Microsoft website :, and install it manually prior to install the extension, so that it will not try to download it.
Best regards

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I just purchased SU Pro and was all exited to start working with point clouds.
To my dismay I can't import any e57 files.

Trimble Scan Explorer Extension: Project (2): Trimble Scan Explorer.exe - Application Error
The instruction at 0x76d2c5eb referenced memory at 0xffffffff. The memory could not be read.

I've tried many different files. Rebooted severeal times, nut to no avail.

Can anybody help me?

- Jesse

Dear Francis,

E57 import in Scan Explorer can be achieve only using "gridded E57" files. This gridded E57 (against non-gridded) depends on the origin of the E57, and which software was used to create it.
Could you give me some more information about the way these E57 was created ?
And maybe that could explain why you can't use it.



Thank you. And sorry for not noticing your reply until now. (i didn't get a notification)
I tried exporting from both Recap and Cloud compare, but not sure if they are able to export gridded (and if so, how to get them to do it)

- J

I am unfortunately not good enough in both Recap and Cloud Compare to fully answer this but I found the following comment in an Autodesk forum, that would probably help :
Re: Export gridded .E57 files?
12-06-2017 12:09 PM in reply to: AdministratorI5Design
You can do this with two restrictions:

The project data needs to be structured ('gridded') itself. You can't create a gridded export from an unstructured project.
The feature is only available in ReCap Pro.
If both of these are met, you'll see a prompt upon export asking you if you want '3D only' (i.e. ungridded) or 'Complete' export. 'Complete' includes image data and maintains grid/structure information.


There is probably a similar workflow on Cloud compare side.
To explain a bit more the meaning of "structured/gridded" "unstructured/not-gridded" : this is a notion which exist in most pointcloud post-processing softwares and that make difference between a full pointcloud with no "station position" information (like a pure ASCII or LAS) and a cloud project with several stations and points that are linked to one station only each.
In case of a RCP both are existing depend on how the project was created. As far as I know, if in Recap (Pro) you have the panoramic view of stations then it is structured, if you have only the 3D view of the full project (with no bubble views) then it is unstrutured an depend on that you will (or not) be able to export gridded E57.

Hope it helps.

Thanks. I found this info and tried the "complete" export (in a project with "Bubbles") but to no avail.
I'm starting to suspect that my graphics card somehow is not compatible...

- J

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hi Jason
each time I open a file (either a fls one or an e57) I get an error message. It says that the file cannot be converted. How is it ? Do I have to reinstall the plugin or is there a way to overcome this problem ?
It works fine with the rwp file of the Hallway example. Any other type of file listed as an alternative is met with an error message saying that It cannot be converted. It is a great pity...
Best regards
Pierre Bonnet


Regarding the E57 format, please make sure you are using Gridded E57, as I mentioned in a previous post.

Regarding the FLS format, I indeed found an issue after troubleshooting. It appears that you need to have an older FARO driver installed in order to have the import working. And it will work for even recent FLS files as soon as you have recent drivers installed too.

The older driver to install is the FARO LS 1.1.600.6 (version This is the current workaround and we will apply a correction to work with only latest drivers, as this old one should not be needed.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I have the same issue as Pierre. It would be great to get an answer or some support with this!

Please Help!

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I am trying to import/open a room scan comprised of (8) *.tzt files (each file is ~550mB) straight from a fairly late model Trimble scanner. The TSE extension imports just 2-3 of the *tzt files saves out a *.rwp project file and then quits. None of the other *tzf files are imported!?! Why won't all of the files import? Please help.

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Hello Erich,

You say, you are importing TZT-files. I believe these are TZF-files.
Could you please let me know, if the scans have been taken with image acquisition, are there also TCF-files in the dataset?

Thanks a lot, Volker

Erich S's picture

Sorry, you're correct. my scan files are *.tzf files. Yes, the scans include image acquisition. I don't have any TCF files.
Again, the scans import just fine if I import only (1) *.tzf, sometimes even (2) files can be imported. However, it's when I attempt to import more than (2) that the extension crashes.

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Hello Erich,
Typically there is no issue with importing TZF-files. You say, there are no TCF-files in the dataset, but the scans are colored. This means, the TZF-files have been processed before in Trimble RealWorks. Can you please confirm that?
Cheers, Volker

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What point-cloud file-types are options to import with this extension - or perhaps directly to SU 2017? Isn't there a list somewhere? I couldn't find any info on this in tutorial.

My drone service doesn't know how this works, and I won't either until I've had a chance to try it out, but I want to ensure that he can export in some Sketchup-friendly format.


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Hi Dave,

we just posted a new version of the Scan Explorer extension.
You can now use the Trimble Scan Explorer Extension without the need to convert to Trimble RealWorks format (RWP) beforehand. The Trimble Scan Explorer Extension for SketchUp Pro now enables you to directly import gridded 3D scans in the following formats: TZF, TZS, E57, PTX, FLS, ZFS, RSP. The import step converts the scan data to a Trimble RealWorks (RWP) project. When working with several different scans from different stations, the import assumes that the scans have been registered. I am not certain however that point clouds from drones will work as they are likely not in a gridded structure.


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Great! I can not wait to try it.

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Plugin does not work. Trimble Scan Explorer write no license and ask to create a software HASP-SL Key or enter 19-digit code. Any solution pleese?

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Hello Денис Ж.,

Which version have you installed?
Have you tried it again?
Have you installed other Trimble software e.g. Trimble RealWorks, etc?


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Hello Денис Ж.,
Make sure you start Scan Explorer from SketchUp extension menu entry.

Samnang KHENG

I am getting the following error:

Unexpected Error: Failed to obtain access token. Please try again.

How can I fix this?

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Hello Khaldoon A.,

Do you have more information, like:

When does this issue happen, during installation, on first running, during a session?

It happens anytime I initiate Scan Explorer from within sketchup2016.

It happened the first time after installation and everytime after.

So when I go to the scan explorer menu in sketchup I get the error for all the submenu items.

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The plugin requires .rwp (Realworks project) files. Currently I'm unaware of how to convert from .tdx (Output from Trimble scanner) to .rwp using Trimble Business Centre.

Anyone got info on this?

did you know how to open tdx file or how i can open it in autoCAD or SketchUP, help me, i got a project with tdx file right now

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In order to use the TSE Extension in SU, you currently need to open a RealWorks (TRW) project (.rwp) containing TZF-scans. You can export from Trimble Business Center (TBC) any point cloud data to TRW using the TDX-file export. You can open any other point cloud files in TRW, too. Once the scan data are in TRW, you can create the mentioned TZF-files and open that TRW project in the TSE extension within SU.

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Update: I was able to export from TBC to dxf which provided a kind of point cloud of construction dots.

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Further update: A recent scan is non transferrable to sketchup because the .dxf file is too big. I think I'll need a way to convert to .rwp after all.

Same problem as Jan V.
I even tried the path you specified to Nick.
Maybe an answer would be correct for pro users... Even for other s???
I am on Windows 10 Sketchup pro 2014.

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Hi Olivier,

I believe we have identified the issue causing this problem. We are working to quickly resolve this and get a new build posted. Thanks for the comment.

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If You work with point clouds, try, it is working well.

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I've got similar installation problems as Matthew T.
When I start SketchUp 2014 Pro, error message:

Reg path is invalid !

After clicking OK, error message:

Error: #
c:/users/[my username]/appdata/roaming/sketchup/sketchup 2014/sketchup/plugins/tseplugin.rbs:65:in `'
c:/users/[my username]/appdata/roaming/sketchup/sketchup 2014/sketchup/plugins/tseplugin.rbs:47:in `'
-e:1:in `eval'

I tried installing with admin rights, no go.

Installation folders:
C:\Program Files\Trimble\Trimble Scan Explorer Extension
C:\Users\[my username]\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2014\SketchUp\Plugins

Additional info:
I've got SketchUp 2016 Make installed as well.

Please help.

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Great plugin. Here's a presentation of what I did with it (March 2014):

It would be really helpful if there were some guidelines on how to handle pointcloud files for this.

Currently I have converted some .rcs files (Autodesk Recap) to .asc and also .ply Hopefully I will be able to use them with this plugin.

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He Le Corb,

I do not really understand what you have done conversion wise. So you had data from a scanner (which one?) and converted those files to a ……(?) format and imported those in Sketchup using the extension?
Do you know which filetypes can be converted and how to do that?
I am looking into importing data made with a Faro scanner.

Bas Debets

Le Corb's picture

Hi- Good questions.

1. The original files were produced from a Faro scanner in .fls (Flash) format.
2. They were converted by my contact in Trimble into .tzf
3. I was able to access them via the sketchup scan explorer plugin.

I'm running another study project- trying to convert .pts* files to .tzf but I need Trimble Realworks to do it. I have applied to Trimble for a trial license and I'm waiting to hear a response.

*Having converted them from Autodesk Recap- See this link for explanation:

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So I have a .asc file which I can load into and view in Meshlab. I can see the model, but do not know how this software works. What I want is to import this into Sketchup.
Do I understand correctly that I need the Trimble software to convert this .asc file to a file that I can use with the Trimble scan explorer to import in Sketchup? Or can I use Meshlab to convert this to a file that I can use with Trimble scan explorer to import in Sketchup?

Short version: I would like to import a .asc file into Sketchup. How to proceed?

Bas Debets

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I think you need to import it into Trimble Realworks and export out as a .rwp file that can be used with the SketchUp plugin.

I downloaded a sample .rwp (Realworks Project File) for use with the plugin.

After installing the plugin and firing it up, I then closed and re-opened SketchUp (As the plugin didn't work the first time). After loading the .rwp file for the "hallway" sample I was able to extract lines and points from it into SU

Now all I need to do is get my hands on Trimble Realworks to convert the .asc file.....

Can someone from Trimble please get in touch about this? I tried emailing already.


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Yes, that would be great. For my work I only need the outlines of a model, so I can draw it myself in Sketchup. Just a way to convert the .asc/.xyz./pts files into a readable file for the Sketchup extension will suffice.
Is there maybe a possibility to buy a simple version of Realworks just to make this conversion possible?
Thanks for considering


whr can i get this point cloud plug in for sketchup trial verisom

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Hello Shravya J.,

you can click on the red box in the upper right hand of this page titled, "Get this Extension". You will also be able to download sample data and view a tutorial video from there.

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I am in the process of buying Sketchup Pro and I am really interested in this extension. Actually; it is one of the main reasons to buy Sketchup Pro. My first choice would be Sketchup Pro 2016 for Mac. But since this extension does not work with this setup, I might buy the Windows version. But I prefer the Mac.... Is there an educated guess if or when this extension is going to work with the mac 2016 version?
Thank you for your time and effort in building and distributing this great extension.

Jason H.'s picture

Hi Bas D,

no current timeline for getting a Mac specific version but we understand the need. However the current Windows version is SketchUp Pro 2016 compatible.

Bas D.'s picture

That's great news, thanks for the update!

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I'm dealer for Sketchup, Sketchup license works on MAC and PC.
So you can buy Sketchup and use on PC first and then when those who develop this plugin has made the MAC,
works license MAC, which I look forward to

Best Joachim

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while installing this plugin its shows

"can't register TSE sketchUp plugin"

Please clarify this..

Advance Thanks.

Arc's picture

After one month later, this extension still not to support SketchUp 2016. Why?

Eike T.'s picture

So how can you work then? Downgrade to SketchUp Pro version 2015???

Joachim von Rost's picture

MAC now so I can work

Jyri L's picture

hello there.. When they release sketchup 2016 Plugin ?