Transmutr - fbx, obj, 3ds, dae importer
Import 3D files into SketchUp, with render-ready materials, proxies, and geometry simplification
Transmutr - fbx, obj, 3ds, dae importer

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Automated render-ready materials

Automatically convert render-ready materials or tweak them with just a few clicks.


Automated proxies

With a single click, Transmutr can generate proxies for V-Ray, Thea and Enscape.


Geometry simplification

Simplify high-poly objects with millions of faces down to a few thousands or hundreds.


Direct link with Quixel Megascans Bridge

With a couple of clicks, you can send Megascans assets from Quixel Bridge to SketchUp.


Adjust units, scale and axes

Scale the model, adjust the origin or change the Up Axis with just a couple clicks.


Clean model hierarchy

Transmutr keeps the model hierarchy, while simplifying it to avoid redundent nesting.


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