Timber Framing Extensions
Extensions for Timber Framers. Automate mortise & tenon joinery, generate material lists, etc.
Timber Framing Extensions

The TF Extensions for Timber Framers automate the creation of mortise and tenon joints, generate shop drawings, create timebr material lists, and help you create presentation drawings for your clients.  Formerly known as the TF Rubies.  A printed manual is available from the Timber Framers Guild: http://www.tfguild.org/store/timber-frame-design-using-sketchup.  All proceeds go to the guild, not to me.

I've also made some sample files available.  You can find them here.  

  • Example.skp is the sample file referenced in the manual.
  • PostIA.skp is the sample shop drawing from the manual.
  • FS Timbers.zip is a library of timbers you can use.

Also check out my other extensions.  They're especially useful for timber framers, but many are useful for general-purpose work in Sketchup.

Version 2.4.4: Compatibility for SU15.

Version 2.4.5: Internal Structural changes that should not impact end-users.

Version 2.4.7: Experimental "timber list by layers" and SU2017 compatibility

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I was a professional timber framer for ten years, and I learned Sketchup to design houses for my clients. Before I started timber framing, I was a professional software developer. I found myself with the right cross-section of skills to create these timber framing extensions for Sketchup. I'm back to writing code for a living now, but still teach timber framing, and 3D CAD for Timber Framers.