Targeting free
Targeting instances according to your data. Select, change, apply definitions + advanced "make unique" and more.
Targeting free

Target groups and components according to their data.
Arrange a combination of attributes for targeting.
Narrow and expand your search options.
Count the groups and components that match the attributes, add them to the selection, make them unique in the advanced way.
Return the definitions that group or component had before you made it unique.
Pick up the definition of groups or components and apply them to others.

Note: The Targeting always takes data and target groups and components from the entire model. The exception is when you are within one, ie. when you open it (editing mode). The Targeting then continues to take data from the entire model, but targets only those groups and components that are within the currently open. Making "unique" more than 1000 instances at once it can be very slow. Save the file before starting such an operation.

This is my first extension and I decided to relase a free version with all functions. The only limitation is that you have the ability to create only 2 attributes and save 2 settings. You will find that even as such is very useful.
The full version will go when I see if there are any problems with using this extension. So please sign up here or at the support email address ( any problems that arise when you use it.

After installation, you will only have one new toolbar icon. Open the dialog and you are ready to use it. For help, click the checkbox "explanations", as in the video tutorial.

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