FaceSVG: SVG Export for faces
This is a plugin to export SVG files from faces, compatible with Shaper Origin
FaceSVG: SVG Export for faces

Note: I've switched to primarily using github for distribution, at https://github.com/marvingreenberg/FaceSVG/releases

This is version 2.2.1.  It is recommended that you check the github link, both to check for later releases and to see any outstanding issues.

The YouTube video above is for the 1.0.0 version - I'll update it at some point.  There is more complete documentation for the latest version at https://github.com/marvingreenberg/FaceSVG/wiki/Documentation

This is a plugin to generate an SVG outline from selected faces.  The plugin adds operations to the "context menu" (right click) when a face is selected or to select the current face. "Layout SVG profile" copies a face onto the z=0 plane in a special group to collect all the faces for which SVG output is desired.  "Write SVG profile" converts all the face edges that have been layed out into an SVG file.  See the documentation for more information.

Please create issues at https://github.com/marvingreenberg/FaceSVG/issues if you encounter problems.

The output SVG file should be compatible for use with the Shaper Origin handheld CNC router and with other applications requiring SVG output.  

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FaceSVG: SVG Export for faces (2.2.1); May 21, 2018
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