Quickly re-attach Glue To components to the faces they lie on.

Quickly stick GlueTo components back to the faces they lie flush with, or use solvent to release them. Simply click and sweep across the faces and components.

The components will stick to the last face touched and will only stick if the components is lying correctly on the face.


Tap Ctrl to toggle between Superglue and Solvent. Solvent will unglue components.

Menus & Toolbars

  • Tools » SuperGlue
  • Toolbars » SuperGlue


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lukas c's picture

perfect extension, a must-have for anyone working with components

popov's picture

not working for me

ThomThom's picture

If you can provide some more details to what isn't working I might be able to help.

(It might be easier to assist via the forum: Make a post there describing the issue and I'll find it.)

WiKiT W's picture

Looks Interesting Lets see How many Sticky Fingers I can Get ;-)