Calculate how much faces are in the sun over the year.

SunHours lets you fit a grid of desired density to any face or surface and then run an analysis on that grid that determines the amount of time that each point on the grid is in sunlight over the year, at the dates and times desired. The output is displayed as a coloring of the grid (which can also be customized) and can be exported as a CSV file.

To fit a grid to a face, select the face and click on Plugins > SunHours > Fit grid.
To analyse a grid, select it and click on Plugins > SunHours > Calculate sunlight hours

Detailed, up to date documentation can be found at

For bug reports or questions, email

Several Windows users have reported that the plugin causes Sketchup to crash completely when they perform any kind of analysis. Currently the recommended fix for this problem is the following sequence of steps:

Windows > Preferences > OpenGL Settings > Disable hardware acceleration (tick the box)


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I am not having luck getting this plugin to work on Sketchup 2017. It doesn't seem to generate grids, and when I try IEQ Wizard, it says "error occurred during grid fitting". I'm on Windows 10.

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Please email me at with an example model that demonstrates the problem.

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Where can I find my location CSV file? I live in Viet Nam

This plugin looks great, I only have 1 problem with a complex design. In some faces the grid is placed in the inside of the building and when i run the analysis the reads as though it is on the inside of the building, weither i place the grid outside manually or not. Do you have a solution for this error? Otherwise this is a great plugin that I will use quite often. Thanks a lot!

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I see the link to the documentation is broken and right now I can't fix it. Here is a working link: See bullet points 4 and 7 under Fitting a grid > Important notes. Basically:

1. The grid is generally above the face fitted, you can change this by entering a negative number in "Height to raise grid off face".
2. Moving the grid does not affect the analysis.

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How much ever I try an error occurs and no grids are produced. I am running Sketchup 8 with latest sunhours plugin....any thing I am doing wrong ?

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A new version (2.0.8) of the plugin has just been released, try using it. Also please double-check your version of Sketchup, 8 is very old. Consider updating.

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Hi, I have run analysis on two scenes, one has a visible shadow cast across the grids due to the presence of a proposed structure, the other does not.
The output of both reports is exactly the same, 2805.572 hours
This cannot be so.
I have exploded all surrounding buildings, and the model is geolocated in the right place.
Link to file:
Your thoughts would be most welcome.

Sketchup Pro2016 v. 16.0.19912 64 bit

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Hi, I'm not managing to download the file, please email it to me so I can take a look.

Hi, this plugin looks great but I just can't get it to work. It makes Sketchup crash every time I try to fit a grid. I read that disabling hardware acceleration may be a solution but I don't seem to have the tick box to disable this in Window>Preferences>OpenGL. Any other solutions?

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A new version (2.0.8) of the plugin has just been released, try using it.

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when will a version for sketchup 2017 be available?

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A new version (2.0.8) of the plugin has just been released, try using it.


nishchay G.'s picture

can u see mine model and tell how to anyalse the building
also pls send me u r email id

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My email is in the documentation and also the description here.

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this is what i was looking for its perfect..!


Does the program consider weather conditions in the analysis? I've noticed a spot where it's supposed to be 100% exposed to the light, and it analyzed it as if it where 95% of the time.

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It does not consider weather. Send me an email including the model and your settings and I will take a look.

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Can you please make a video and post it on youtube for us to know easily how to operate this plugin and get the desired data. Please...!!!

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There's a link to documentation in the description: . It's very detailed and clearly spelled out, and includes screenshots. Is there something you don't understand? I will answer any questions you have.

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What is the best colour for visual comfort ? yellow or green ?

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Presumably you don't want the sun in your eyes ever, meaning you want 0%, which is dark blue in the default colours. You should see the colour scale and the numbers it corresponds to when a grid is selected.

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please i want to know how i can put the location of my model to got an accurate result ??? thanks :)

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On my computer, I go to Window (the menu) > Model Info > Geo-location.

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do i need to keep the shadows on ssketchup switched on ?

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No, you can turn the shadows off if you want. There's just one important setting apart from those in the plugin itself: set the geographic location of the model.

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What do the hours and the percentage mean ? (Sry I'm new to this plugin) also what is the best colour to get in an interior for the best thermal comfort ?

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The hours are the number of hours a point was in sunlight (as opposed to shadow) during the analysis (e.g. in a year between the specified time). The percentage is that number of hours divided by the highest possible number of hours that could have been attained, so that a point will be at 100% if it is never in the shadow of another part of the model. Note that this is just a question of whether the point was in sunlight or not; the angle/intensity of the sun and the weather are not taken into account, so this will not be very effective for analysing temperature. The original intention of the plugin was to analyse glare.

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Thank, it's very helpfull plugin.

i have try to analysis same model with same setting twice,
but i get different result ,
why ?
any solution for it ?

thx before

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thanks. it´s just what i was looking for to my work stuffs. Thanks....

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i was looking for a free sunlight analysis plugin and this was the first one i found and worked really perfect and fast.
thanks for sharing it.

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