Transfer objects and projects from SketchUp to CAD and viceversa

suBridge is a “bridge” between the classic CAD system and the new world of SketchUp. With this simple CAD application you can import 3D objects in your DWG that you can download for FREE from the extensive library of the SketchUp 3D Warehouse (2.5 million 3D models). You can also export your 3D CAD entities to a SkecthUp model or create ir from a simple plan view drawn in your CAD. 

Supported CADs:

  • AutoCAD from version 2013 to version 2015, both 32 and 64 bit.
  • ZWCAD+ PRO 2015.
  • GstarCAD 2015, both 32 and 64 bit.

Import in your CAD 3D objects chosen from over 2,5 million SketchUp models that you can download for FREE

suBridge allows you to easily insert in your CAD drawing any object available in SKP SketchUp format. This feature gives you access to more than 2.5 million 3D models that you can download for FREE from the SketchUp 3D Warehouse, the largest 3D resource on the web, composed of real objects created by their producers from the various fields: furniture, electric appliances, manufacturing products, etc. With suBridge you no longer have the problem of completing your CAD design in a professional manner with all the minimal detail, and you don’t waste time searching for CAD blocks that almost never correspond to real products.

With suBridge you simply open a SKP file to insert its 3D model in your CAD drawing, letting you set scale factor, angle, and insertion point, as if it were a common CAD block. The imported model consists of 3D surfaces (3Dface) and, for each material present in the original 3D SketchUp object, suBridge will automatically create a separate layer.

In this way you can assign colors and/or materials of your choice to the various elements of the block, giving a final result much more realistic and very appealing that will surely increase your chances of acquiring new contracts.

Export to SketchUp your 3D model drawn with your CAD

suBridge allows you to export a three-dimensional model present in your CAD to a SketchUp file format. The application exports solid objects and surfaces and allows you to freely select the items you want to export. The SKP created file can then be opened with SketchUp to be processed as if it had been created with SketchUp itself. The export preserves the layer-entities mapping, which you will then find unaltered in SketchUp. For solids you can specify the degree of approximation of curved elements.

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