Parametric quad-based subdivisions for SketchUp.

SUbD is a parametric subdivision extension for SketchUp optimized for quad-based workflows.

Use free tools such as QuadFace Tools to create meshes with quad-topology and subdivide and crease with SUbD.

Visit the website for more details, examples, videos and manual. More example on the Facebook page.

Visit the SUbD forum on SketchUcation for example models and great cumminity assistance.

SUbD costs $40 - you can try it out for 30 days.


medeixo's picture

great work , thank you alot

medeixo's picture

great work , thank you alot

Thank you for your unique works... Best wishes for life...

thanks, master!!!!!!

:) thom2 ..thanx thanx a lot

Benito M.'s picture

Pls, thomthom I real need the subD but da something wen converting to naira is a lot of money pls can draw down da price for me so DAT I can afford to buy it ....pls need u respons (I am a Nigerian).....thanks.

Marian R's picture

I can't seem to activate my license. In the 102 version the activate button always appeared grayed out and after the update to 103 I can't even reach the window to input the code because the license buttons is not functional.

ThomThom's picture

Hi Marian

Can you file an issue via this form?

It's easier to follow up there - and these comments doesn't get checked every day.

When you fill out that support form - please include what OS you are using. I'm guessing you are using Windows? Perhaps an older IE version?

Marian R's picture

Yeah windows 7, and IE was indeed old as I never used it. I've just updated it. I'll restart the pc and see if it's fixed, otherwise i'll file the issue on the website. Thanks for answering.

Mr J.'s picture

I'm JAMAL, from Benghazi-Libya, I hope you all the best, thank you

agus's picture

very good

Rocky H.'s picture

I am new to the file layout and want to make sure ik where im puting it and not messing up my sketch up so what file do i put plugins
k i just found out it installs it automaticly so nvm

ThomThom's picture

No need to manually install the files, use Extension Warehouse (from the Windows menu) to install directly from within SketchUp.

Alternatively, if you instead download the RBZ, use Window > Preferences > Extensions > Install Extension

See the SketchUp help article for information about installing extensions in general:

The SUbD download page also illustrate with a GIF how to install the RBZ:

Raphael A's picture

hello i have bought a license of SUBD last week cause my trial license was expired i received the activation code but when i confirm he said the server is too long to responding ... since 4 or 5 days someone can help me ?

ThomThom's picture

Have you checked if the firewall is blocking SketchUp?

Raphael A's picture

thanks for quick response ! i work in an office i ask to the ID manager and we have check ... the firewall is desactivated .... my Order ID is 0009061772 if that can help .

thank you !

ThomThom's picture

I'm afraid I'm travelling until Friday, with hardly any internet connection. I'm unable to debug until I get home.

If you open the Ruby Console, do you see any messages?
Also, what SU version? And what OS?

Raphael A's picture

ok no problem TT, i can wait .

this evening i tried to activate subd at home, if i have the same prob ... i tell u ...

i work on skp 2016 on win 7 -AND- skp 2016..WIN10 at home (bad idea)

and the ruby is empty

ThomThom's picture

Hi there Raphael. It appear to have been an issue with the server. It should now be resolved. Can you try again please?

If the issue persist, please open a support ticket:

Lisanne L.'s picture

You put the "awe" in "awesome". I read about this tool in the SketchUpdate Newsletter, and although I haven't tried it yet, I know that you have made a lot of people very happy with this extension. Bravo!

ThomThom's picture

Ah! That explains the recent traffic! :D

Fred B's picture

Wow.....Great job. It would take a hour to draw what this does in seconds.

davi's picture

wow it's insane to what level you can subdivide your models with that! I've compared this to the other free subdivide and smooth plugin and this is far better and comes closer to the subdivide functions in 3DS max and Blender!

TheCarDesigner's picture

I got an idea(gotta check it though):

SubD to the maximum
Explode the subdivided group
Re-group the mesh
SubD again

Am I evil? :D

ThomThom's picture

Haha! That is a wicked cruel way to make your CPUs go nuclear :D

After subdividing a cube at max (level 4) you end up in 1536 new quads (3072 triangles).

From there on you get 1536 > 6144 > 24576 > 98304 > 393216 quads incrementally.

TheCarDesigner's picture

Well... I finally did it! :D Still waiting for the final step but over all it must've taken roughly 5-6min for 8 levels of subd.

TheCarDesigner's picture

P.S.: Ever said "I've never been so wrong..." :D It's still thinking on the 8th level...

ThomThom's picture

In terms of features and geometric result it will soon be able to generate exactly what other packages do - as I'm currently working on integrating OpenSubdiv which is the de-facto standard which everyone is moving towards now. (OpenSubdiv was created by Pixar and DreamWorks has recently contributed to the open source project.)

I won't be able to match performance, because SketchUp's API doesn't give me access to the viewport. But I have another idea where I might be able to provide a solution for better and instance preview. That's a little further down the line though.

The current version (1.0) is the initial release with the bare minimum. Feature and speed improvements are coming.

I can recommend this SketchUcation forum thread with lots of example models and screenshots: (You might have to be logged in to see the images and files) Alternativly, I reposted a bunch on the FB site; But I recommend the forum because of the discussions.

davi's picture

Will this be released for SU14 too?
When was it published?

ThomThom's picture

The extension was published in mid-January, about a month and a half ago.

ThomThom's picture

Unfortunately no - it relies on some changes and fixes that was made in SketchUp 2015. I wasn't able to find any workaround for SU2014.

davi's picture

damn! I have all plugins in SU 14.

ThomThom's picture

Sorry for the inconvenience. If it'd been technically possible I'd do it.

However, most extensions that worked on SU2014 should work on SU2015 as well. The ones to beware of would be the ones with custom installers like render engines etc - though they should have SU2015 variants available. SU2016 even - if you are going to make the leap.

George R.'s picture

Too bad it crashes so many times... when a stable version is released, please let me know. Right now it is not worthy at all. Until then, Artisan is a thousand times better.

ThomThom's picture

I've not had any crashes reported. Could you please submit instructions for how to reproduce?

Either via the support system:

Or via the forums:

George R.'s picture

Well, it crashes for me almost everytime. Even with really simple models. Maybe people is just not reporting crashes. But i must be honest, in this state, its not worthy to buy it. I like it, but as i said, crashing so often (with no aparent reason at all) is not really a good symptom.

Curious that with other tools, like Artisan, i naver have a problem. Dont understand why subd is so unstable.

How to reproduce?? lol, easy, create a cube, make some minor modifications, and click on the subd button. I didnt do anything special at all.

The only curious thing is, since i started using artisan and i stopped working with subd, everytime i try subd , it crashes. Before that it was more stable and i only had crashes by time to time.

TheCarDesigner's picture

Sketchup is known for easily crashing on slower machines when the model starts growing on polygons. If you chose maximal level of subdivision you get quite a lot of them so if your PC is on the slow side you can easily give it brainfreeze ;)

George R.'s picture

I only use level 2 subdivision. And my computer is old, but not that old. Using level 3 and 4 will make things slow in almost ANY SINGLE computer. And it will not crash, it will just take A LOT of time. But subd is just pressing the option to subd and smooth, and bam, crash. And as i said, i use Artisan as a basis and it NEVER crashes. Ever. Nor the other 50 plugins i use. Of course, i think must be something weird with my plugin installation (maybe its corrupted) or something else, because it really shocks me that a product in this state is even being sold. I am pretty happy with Artisan, but there are a couple of features of subd that i love, so i was just giving it another try, but without luck. So i guess i will stick with Artisan that is not in alpha state like subd.

ThomThom's picture

When you say "crash" - is SketchUp actually crashing? Does it exit and you see the BugSplat dialog? Or are you getting the SUbD error dialog saying something went wrong? If it's the latter - have you submitted the error report (and did you enter any details I can use to look it up?). Submitting that gives me a lot of info I can work with - where the error happens and SU version and SUbD versions (latest is 1.0.2 btw).

This would be so much easier if you'd use the support forum which I requested earlier - as it's so much easier to follow up. But you seem rather reluctant to actually receive help. I mentioned this before, but you are the only one to be reporting a crash - so your experience doesn't reflect the rest of the user base. Therefore you really need to be more compliant if you want help - as you are the only one who can provide insight to what is going on here. Until then there is very little to be done.

ThomThom's picture

About the stability - given the number of users I would have heard quite loudly if this was a common problem. The user base is quite vocal. So I'm wondering if this could be related to computer configuration. It would really help if you should (on the forum) share some more details.

ThomThom's picture

Can you please start a thread in the forum? It's so much easier to follow up there. (File and image sharing.)
What you describe is very generic and I cannot reproduce a crash with that.

George R.'s picture

So, almost everytime i try to subd a group it keeps poping up that there are edges touching more than two faces. But for the love of god i cant figure out how to fix that. I mean, sometimes i get it, and i erase the extra edges (or faces) that are producing the error. But other times, i cant.

Is there any way to figure out things like this?? same problem when i finally get everything to work, and when its about to finish the subd, it says that it failed because the generated faces are too small for sketchup. Well, i increased the scale of the group 500% and still the same.

I mean, i will surely buy it if i knew how to fix things like those. Until then, im not going to pay for a product that doesnt work (for me at least) most of the times, not to mention that it is not cheap... Dont get me wrong, i used it and it looks great, but sometimes, it is jus timpossible to subd a group for the reasons i just commented. That would be not an issue if we actually knew how to solve those problems.

William R's picture ::

This may help you as it is their site info and You Tube Channel videos. I have not found any forums or community based help. You can try posting to SketchUcation or SU's community forum. A direct question about Artesian use's // functions as it may stir up a few advanced users. That may share their hands on experience or work-arounds.

ThomThom's picture

Yea, currently the surface needs to be manifold, this gives you similar challenges as 3d printing. Due to the similarities you can use Solid Inspector 2 (

Future version will allow you to subdivide meshes where edges are connected to more than two faces, but if these faces are unintended, like internal faces, that will likely cause visual artifacts.

As for small faces, that is unfortunatley a limitation of SketchUp where when you have faces and edges getting close to 1mm or less vertices will start to merge. The workaround is to scale up the mesh, but you must do that by opening the group/ component itself, meaning selecting the edges and faces. If you select the group and scale it, then it won't have any effect.

I'm in the process of making more docs and examples to explain things like this in finer details.

If you got spesific problems with a model, of experience an issue to keep returning I can warmly recommend posting the model the Sketchucation forum, lots of good people who might be able to provide a solution. For instance, a good thread where people explore different topology:

Seeing what models fail would be very useful for future development and improvements.

George R.'s picture

Thanks for the fast response. The thing about the "edges touching more than two faces" is, that because the model im trying to subd is a bit complex, i needed to cut it in pieces to subd each group separatedly, because if i dont do that, my computer cant handle it (well, my computer should, but i guess it is sketchup the one to blame) and it takes ages to subd and to modify subd meshes.

So, the way i do cuts is to just creating a vertical plane, grouping it and mixing it with the part i want to merge, then i intersect, and i make a group again of the cut part. But when i try to subd the cut part, it gives me that error. And i cant find any edge touching more than two faces.... while in the whole model everything works fine.

Thanks for the scaling tip, in fact that is what i was doing, scaling the whole group.

Also, forgot to mention, but im almost new to the modelling scene (2 years) and totally new to organic modelling. I know several things and i did some projects but with non organic meshes, and i keep learning everyday.

I will try to post in the skechtucation forum from now on. Thanks!.

ThomThom's picture

There certainly is improvements needed for the docs - and the extension itself. It's after all a first release, I had to be brutal in order to decide what would make it into v1.

I'll look for your posts in SketchUcation - I'd love to follow up in more details. Especially see what models you have and figure out how SUbD can be improved to make the workflow easier.

George R.'s picture

Unfortunately, i moved to Artisan, because i just cant advance using subd. Artisan never shows any error or incompatibility. Its more flexible, and honestly a thousand times faster than subd. With subd i could never do a level 3 subd and edit the mesh with ease. Things will get slow as hell (for reasons i dont understand, my computer is old, but not that old..). But with Artisan, its a completely different world. But before i buy it, i need to see if i can succesfully texture an organic model, because thats where im having the most troubles and if i dont figure out how to texture organic models i will stop doing organic modelling, so it will be a waste to buy it.

So, can i just post my issues with Artisan in the subd forum?? because i searched and there is no artisan forum in sketchucation.

Thanks in advance.

ThomThom's picture

There's a general Extension/Plugin section on that forum for any extension.

George R.'s picture

Yeah, i know. But i thought that it will be an specific artisan forum, like other plugins.

ThomThom's picture

There's roughly about a thousand extensions/plugins - most won't have a dedicated sub-forum on SketchUcation. Only a few affiliate extensions do so. But most extensions will have dedicated threads in the Plugins sub-forum.

Artisan used to have its own forum on its site - but it looks to be gone... not sure why that is. (

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