Struclab Section Properties
It calculates surface(s) sectional properties
Struclab Section Properties

It calculates surface(s) sectional properties like area, moment of inertia, section modulus etc.

-Select surface(s).

-Right click and chose 'Get face properties'


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Hi Hamid, I noticed that the units of Sx and Sy are being reported as "in^4" rather than "in^3".

Thanks for noting! i fixed it. It's under review of Sketchup.

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Thanks for this! For me "Get face properties" disappears from the R-click context menu once I'm editing groups/components. I've got lots of extensions installed so I'm not sure if I'm experiencing a known limitation or extensions not playing well together.

...EDIT: My mistake. It seems to be limited to faces that are "flat on the ground", but it does work for those faces when they're inside a group/component. I see there's a similar limitation with Alex Schreyer's "Face Centroid and Area Properties" extension.

Hi David, this is actually made based on "Face Centroid and Area Properties". However, selecting multiple faces and calculating their properties as one face is added.

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Oooh! I hadn't noticed that new feature - nice! Do you plan on extending functionality further?

I'm trying to include shear modulus (St)! Any suggestion?!

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Well, if you're taking requests:

1 - As per my original post, it'd be really handy if the extension would work on non-horizontal faces. I suppose it'll require more input from the user, i.e. defining a "local" x-y-z frame of reference. If the face is inside a group or component then the axes defined inside that group/component could logically become the new local frame of reference. But ideally, I'd still want the option to override those axes with something else.

2 - Composite sections! Since you're already handling multiple faces, what if you were to ask the user to input E values for each face and then calculate moment of inertia (I = b d^3 / 12) and section modulus (S = b d^2 / 6) of the transformed section? For reference:,,, &

I realize these aren't small requests, but you did ask :)

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