Stereoscopic (three-dimensional) view of your model
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Stereoscope extension allows You to create stereoscopic (three-dimensional) view of your model.

  1. Resize SketchUp main window to roughly half of your screen width. Move it to the left side of screen. (Image 1).
  2. Choice menu Camera->Stereoscope (or context menu Stereoscope).
  3. Resize new window 'Stereoscope' to be the same. Move it to the right side of screen.
  4. Try to look at main window (left image) by your left eye and at 'Stereoscope' window (right image) by your right eye.

Some people (I'm one of them) prefer reverse look.

  1. Just move SketchUp main window to the right side of screen and 'Stereoscope' window to left side (Image 2).
  2. Try to look at main window (right image) by your left eye and at 'Stereoscope' window (left image) by your right eye.



Does this use a target or can you locate a full-size model (like a building) in the real world?

Georgy T's picture

А к Sketchup 2015 подойдёт?

Сергей К.'s picture

Не проверял. Работаю со Sketchup 8.

Duane K's picture

Has there been any further development to this plugin?
Is it possible to export or render both windows?
Will it function with animation?
And with reading the previous comments... I'm imagining that there would be a difficulty setting the screen size to be uniform... if it could be rendered...
Any thoughts?

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Thanks for your interesting thoughts.

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Привет, Jan D.
Спасибо за комментарии. Что касается автоматической установки размеров, я непременно займусь этим в ближайшее время.
Алгоритм стереоизображения таков: основное окно показывает вид ЛЕВЫМ глазом. Затем вид сдвигается на 10см вправо, как если бы смотреть ПРАВЫМ глазом, и выводится во втором окне.

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The need to resize the main window manually is unfortunate. The plugin should be able to do that automatically.

The need to resize the _secondary_ window manually is very surprising. This should be a given. Is there any technical limitation preventing that from happening?

This might be just an issue of scale, but the results don't look 3d at all. Is it too hard to ask for a 3d model of a building without literally scaling the building down by several decades? A 1m*1m*1m cube viewed from a moderate distance did not look 3d at all (but reality is unrealistic). Decimetre-sized objects look fine, but I'd still like more (exagerrated) plasticity. Please add some controls, or at least derive the stereo separation from the viewing distance (say, a fixed angle of ~~1/4 radians?).

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