Productivity tools: Unlimited Model history with model preview, Task List, Favorites and other utilities

Souvenir is a script containing some productivity companions to Sketchup.

  • HISTORY - unlimited list of previous models with preview (Sketchup only keeps 9 models)
  • TASK LISTS - Task List in the style of Google Keep. You have one for Skethcup common to all models and one for each model (so they can be transmitted along with the skp file).
  • FAVORITES - List of Files, Folders and URL that you frequently used and which can be recalled in one click.
  • PLUGIN FOLDERS - Access to all directory where plugins are loaded. Useful, as in some environment (Mac in particular), the plugin directory is hidden.


You can get more information and documentation on the Home Page for Souvenir on Sketchucation.



IMPORTANT: Requires you also install LibFredo6.



Souvenir, like my other plugins, is hosted on Sketchucation. Sketchucation is a Community site entirely dedicated to Sketchup. It includes an ExtensionStore of 800+ plugins, as well as a quite rich Discussion Forum about Sketchup and a Gallery. Registering on Sketchucation is FREE.


IF YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH LIBFREDO6 INSTALLATION OR WITH SKETCHUCATION, it is advised to watch the video "LibFredo6 Installation".