Solid Inspector
Inspects and highlight problems with solids.
Solid Inspector

Version 2 availible for SketchUp 2014 and newer!

Version 2 have the ability to automatically repair many manifold problems and provide better information on each error.


 Select a group or component and activate the tool for an analysis of what would prevent it from being a solid manifold.

Alternativly, just open the group or component and activate the tool. Saves you from jumping in and out of the object while editing.


  • Click on an group or component to analyse it for holes.
  • Use Tab (Shift+Tab) to cycle through and zoom to the errors.
  • Use Up/Down Left/Right arrows to cycle between errors.
  • Use Return to zoom to current error.

Menus & Toolbars

  • Tools » Solid Inspector


  • TT_Lib² — 2.7.0

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I'd be happy if you donate a cookie (or a beer) if you find my plugins useful.


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Hey I'm using S.I. and in one object is telling me that there is one surface border I have to fix manually but I can't find the highlighted lines where the error is so I can fix it. Is there a way to find the error faster?

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Hm.. hard to say without seeing the model. Can you start a thread in the SketchUp forums? We can share screenshots and models there. Tag my nickname "@thomthom" so I get a notification.

I used solid inspector and it says "no errors, everything is shinny" but my objects is not a solid one so i couldnt use another plugin for editing solid objects.
How it is possible?

ThomThom's picture

SI uses a different method to check for solids than SU. SU will say something is a solid if every edge is connected to exactly two faces. But there are edge cases where an edge can be connected to more faces and still be 3d printable.

However, for the purpose of checking for solids in a way that matches SU, I've been thinking of perhaps adding another option. Meanwhile, you can try out version 1 of Solid Inspector.

Thanks you so much Thom Thom, you help me very much in calculator, good luck for you

Hi Duane
Thanks for your answer.
Can you please help me with the installation.
I dont know where i should save the file.
can you please show me the path?
I use sketchup pro 2017

Duane K's picture

SU/Menu/Window/Extension Warehouse/ get it from there and it will load/install automatically for you where it needs.

Is this program (solid inspector) free ?

Duane K's picture


It is clearly written above, "I'd be happy if you donate a cookie (or a beer) if you find my plugins useful."

So, free but with an option to offer beer money.

amazing :)


Since I upgraded to Sketchup 2017, this plug-in does not work anymore....
Anyone knows how to fix this?


ThomThom's picture

Can you elaborate on what doesn't work?
Any error messages?
Are you using Windows or OSX?
What version of the extension do you have installed?


I'm using the 2.4.3 version on Mac OSX.
On the extension manager, I see that it says "unsigned".

Thanks for your help!

ThomThom's picture

What is your Extension Loading policy? (Under Extension Manager > Preferences)
If it's not set to Unrestricted the extension won't load. (You can also use Approve, but you need to approve it to load.)

The extension policy is indeed set to Unrestricted so that should not be a problem.

ThomThom's picture

Hm.. Can you start a thread at the SketchUp forums and mention my nickname @thomthom ?

It's easier to follow up with sharing images and files - which I think we need to do.


Thank you, works perfectly! You saved us many-many time.

Russell C.'s picture

A brilliant plugin. I use it daily. It helps create clean models. Which can be more easily transported to other programs, such as Vue, and rendered more easily too (it helps to avoid flickering moire patterns). I hugely appreciate the work that went into making this, and pray it continues to work for all future versions of Skethcup.

For some of the comments here, I would advise, if a the plugin finds no errors, but the shape is not a solid, then cut a hole in one surface. Solid Inspector will then find and display the other errors. This works every time.

Thank you Thomthom.

ThomThom's picture

Thanks Russel.
I'd also recommend that people use version 2 - linked in the description above. This old version is mainly for people with older SketchUp versions.

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Melvin K.'s picture

I am running Sketchup 2014 on Windows XP. I am using the SolidInspector extension. It doesn't seem to work. I select a part and nothing happens.

The reason I am using Solid Inspector is that I am trying to create a shaft in the part, and push pull doesn't work. So now I am using intersect. I can't intersect because neither part is considered a solid.

I downloaded the part for GrabCAD. Can you help or am I beyond help.

ThomThom's picture

Can you install version 2 linked in the description? If you still have problems with that latest versuon, can you post the model in the SketchUp forum?

Selin G's picture

I installed this extension about a month ago. At first, it worked wery well but then when i press "tab" button to see error cycles; the camera moves to zero point of model axis. Everytime i want to see the cycles; i have to zoom and pan between each cycle manually.
I did uninstalled and reinstalled both "solid inspector" and "ttlib2" extentions. I closed and reopened my model. I got the same problem even in a new/ fresh model also.

Waiting for your reply
Thank you


ThomThom's picture

Hard to tell without a model to test on. (If you post in the SketchUp forums it's easier to share files and screenshots etc.)
But have you tried version 2 instead? It's linked at the top of the description.

Damir B.'s picture

How do I install this extension in SketchUp ver. 7.1.686?
I suppose I have to do it manually, but how?

ThomThom's picture

Exitus F.'s picture

Cannot Thank you enough! Saves me hours for 3D printing purposes!

I saw someone had issues with it not installing correctly. Make sure the TT_lib2 is installed too. Close & Restart. Should work! Thats what I had to do.

ThomThom said to do this earlier in the posts. So thank you for that too!

ThomThom's picture

If you have SU2014 or newer I highly recommend you try out version 2. It doesn't even need TT_Lib2 any more.

Juan H.'s picture

thank you

Peter B's picture

THANK YOU so much for this tool. It's saved me heaps of time finding errors in imported STLs :)

Duane K's picture

This works to show holes, but is there an autofill holes function on this or another plugin?

ThomThom's picture

Btw - This is version 1. I recommend that you use version 2 (linked in the description) if you are using SketchUp 2014 or newer.

ThomThom's picture

No - holes are difficult to fix. For the human brain it's easy to deduce how the hole should be filled in most cases - but to compute it by code it's very challenging because you need to have an awareness of what the model represent.

Charles M's picture

Dear ThomThom,

You are officially my favorite person on the internet. This tool helped me find a buggy geometry issue that I would have NEVER found!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! and Thank you!

ThomThom's picture

I like comments like this.

ColdCanuck50 .'s picture

Nice to be appreciated, isn't it? :-]

Gen Z's picture

FIX FOR EXTENSION NOT BEING THERE: I also had that same problem of the extension not being there, its not supposed to be in the Extension button, but in the tools button...but if its not there, go the file location of sketchup, scroll up to the tools folder, open it, copy RubyStdLip, click back, open ShippedExtensions, copy it in that folder and I think it should work, it did for me.

But I have a huge problem, I have a huge project and I need to edit a car and print it in a printer and I got the car from hondas 3d-archive website and when I use Solid Inspector it finds a bunch of mistakes and I dont know how to fix them becase they circle everything and when I do the up down thing it highlights lines and stuff that I dont even see so I got the Solid Solver plugin but it doesnt respond even after 30 minutes of you can see im not an experlianced person lol, but I decided to do the hardest project ever.

If you want me to send you the file, email me at, I need help with this for my science fair.

ThomThom's picture

For the problem with the model, can you make a post at the SketchUp forum?
Post the model there, or screenshots so people can see what the issues are.

ThomThom's picture

Please don't modify the Tools folder or copy files from there. The real fix would be something else.
It's interesting that it supposedly worked when you did that. What location have you installed SketchUp to? What the full file path to SketchUp.exe?

Gen Z's picture

I put it on the C Drive, there was a youtube video showing how to do it if you downloaded plugins from other places and I did the same thing.

ThomThom's picture

Btw, what is the link to that video you saw for installing extensions?

Gen Z's picture
And I have no idea what full path is.

ThomThom's picture

So you did not install it from within SketchUp using Window > Extension Warehouse? That ensure it's installed to the correct location. Or if you download the RBZ - did you use Preferences > Extensions > Install Extension?

When you say C drive - what is the full path?

Gen Z's picture

Hey ThomThom, here is the link to the forum,
please help me this is really important for my grade and everything....

Gen Z's picture

Hey ThomThom, can you please help me with my sketchup file? I have a huge science fair project due and I have no idea how to do this part for my project and no one else can help me. Im in the middle of taking pictures of the stuff and I will send you a link to it right after I post it.

Tudor N.'s picture


I installed the plugin but it does not appear in the tools menu...
I'm using Sketchup Pro 2014

ThomThom's picture

Did you also install the required TT_Lib?
Is it listed under Preferences > Extensions?

Tudor N.'s picture

yes i installed both and they appear in the extensions

what's weird is that i installed it with skp 2014 and it appearead and when i restarted the program impossible to find it again, although it still existsin extension. SO i decided to install skp 2015... same thing it worked for the night and this morning when i reopened sketchup it is not in the menu again....


ThomThom's picture

Do you have Bezier Surface installed as well?
I found a bug where having both installed would make Solid Tools not load the menus. I've uploaded a patch that should go live as soon as it's been through moderation.