Solar North
Provides tools for you to set and display the solar north angle.
Solar North

Provides tools for your to set and display the solar north angle that SketchUp uses to calculate the sun location, and therefore shadow directions. Useful if you've imported a model with a different "north" than SketchUp's default.

The Solar North extension requires an active SketchUp Pro license.


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Great Tool!!! thnx!

I agree that this extension is no longer useful for professional architectural.

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The tool is very important for architectural views, but with the latest versions the tool does not seem to allow DIFFERENT "north" directions for individual scenes. The problem is that the projected shadows don't need to be the real north, but what looks good for a view to explain the architecture.

I hope that future versions will allow the tool to optionally get back to a per-scene functionality. It is painful when features (that might have been a mistake but do something very useful) go away. Now views that show the north façade of a building look very dark when we show shadows.

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I agree that this extension is no longer useful for professional architectural use.

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No, this extension is highly useful ?!
Professional architectural need to know the directions of the cardinal point to control the sunshine of a facade, the light inputs, the orientations in relation to the energy, the variations of the solar protection according to the seasons ...

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I'm "just a designer" and I use solar north just like you, big architect! ¬¬' Go learn something about design and you'll find out that design isn't just about pretty pictures. We design for better people quality of life. We put users on the center of process. Learn about before you speak. Good luck!

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Love your work chicka!!

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Sorry, I modified my comment but I only react to the comment that: "this extension is no longer useful for professional architectural use", because I really need this extension !! If this is your case too, Francesca, do not be offended, this comment is not for you.
If you are designing for a better quality of life, that's great, you are also part of the professional architecture. ;-)

I second this comment. North does not update per scene.

Jonathan- Are you a Vray user? The north per scene feature stopped functioning after SUVray 3.6 update.

SU 2017 Windows

cool :)

The requested page "/pt-br/user/login?destination=content/solar-north" could not be found.

Go to the end of the page, switch to English, and hit download. I had the same error and it worked for me,

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Cool, but please vectorize the icons.

awful this is a pro extension...

Basic tool... thanks


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Awsome!!! Really usefull!!!

this only works in the pro version?



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If using Sketchup Make 2016, do all three option show up? Only the option to "toggle north arrow" shows up for me, the other (2) are greyed out

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Let me get this straight. This extension only displays an orange line that shows the solar north angle. You can only CHANGE this angle if you also have a SketchUp PRO license?

Seems kind of dumb to say this extension works with a free SU license when you can't do anything with it. Sure, it installs. But once it's installed, it's useless.

How can I install by MacOs?
I'm double click but not allow.

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Please help...I've downloaded the extension, but I want to make sure I understand how it works.

When you use the "Enter North Angle" tool, is this telling SketchUp the actual direction of TRUE NORTH?

So you can keep a rectangular building aligned with the default axes in Sketchup, but SketchUp will calculate the shadows correctly for the real-life circumstance of when your building does not align exactly with true north.

Do I have this correct?

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This is exactly what it does!

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hi it is not able be installed ... please help.

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Doesnt orange line need to align with the shadow? its coming from a small angle in su2015 on mac and is not in alignent with the shadows?

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Not at all Rombout.
The shadow depends on the hour, and geolocation (latitude and longitude).

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Solar North doesn't allow you to rotate axis in sketchup 2015?!

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Found it! After installation you have to go back to "Prefernces" and tick the Solar North Tool Bar, so why was this not part of the basic tool bar similar to SKP8 and 2014?

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i can not use the solar north in 2016 >>> i did not find it

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Gracias por esta extensión! Por favor, ¿a donde debo ir para aprender más sobre esta extensión?

Thank you for this extension! Please, where do I go to learn more about this extension?

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Na segunda tentativa seguida de instalação, esta extensão instala.

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when will 2016 version be available pls..?

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O problema é que o Norte Solar está desenhado para modelos no hemisfério norte. Cuidado!

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Na verdade, a extensão funciona bem. O que manda é a localização do modelo. Se mudares a latitude e a longitude, o norte se adéqua.

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como devemos usar para modelos no hemisferio sul?

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thanks VM

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thank you.

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is it really that simple. Nice.
But should have been default.

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very nice, thanks!

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I've used it before.. Awesome!

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it works well for me . Thanks!!

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thank you...

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