Snap Connector tool
Allows the modeler to embed snap connection points within a group or component. The tool can then snap the parts together (assemble them) based upon those connection points. Can copy & realign parts to each other.
Snap Connector tool

Snap Connector tool by Cadman Inc. for SketchUp. The SnapConnector tm lets you place snap points into Groups and Components in SketchUp, and then quickly align those points, snapping them together. Great for product assembly work.

Once snapconnectors are placed within your groups and components:

1. Click on a Yellow dot to move somewhere else.
2. The dot turns Orange as the point to be moved.
3. Click on a Green dot to move the object to.
4. Use the UpArrow key to rotate the moved stuff around the world Blue (Z) axis
    Use the RightArrow key to rotate around the world Red (X) axis
    Use the LeftArrow key to rotate around the world Green (Y) axis
5. Use the DownArrow key to align the snap connectors exactly, then the Up, Right, and Left arrow keys work about the aligned snap connectors respective axes.
6. Tap the Ctrl key [Option on the Mac] to place a copy of the stuff at the selected 'snap to' point.

7. The snap connector tool tip will use the Name attribute of an embedded snap connector component if present, otherwise the tool tip says: 'Take this'  and   'Snap it here'

Note: to change the amount of rotation per arrow click, edit the connector_names.txt file and specify the degree of rotation number. By default it is set to 90 (90 degrees).

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