Sky View Analysis
A plugin to calculate Sky Exposure and Sky View Factor.
Sky View Analysis


Sky View Factor (SVFs) represents the ratio at a point in space between the visible sky and a hemisphere centered over the analyzed location (Oke 1981).

  • If SVF of a point is 0 the entire sky is blocked from view by obstacles.
  • If SVF of a point is 1 the entire sky is free from view by obstacles (ideal rural scenario)

There is a relation between Sky View Factor and Radiation.

for SVF = 0 :

  1. there is no short-wave reflection
  2. there is no long-wave nocturnal interference

for SVF > 0 :

  1. incoming day-time short-wave reflection increases during the day
  2. outgoing night-time long-wave radiation is reduced
  3. incoming night-time long-wave radiation is increased
  4. altered soil heat flux

Urban Canyon H/W and SVF relation:

Rural 1.00
0.25 0.89
0.5 0.71
1 0.45
2 0.24
3 0.16
4 0.12

reference: (PAR KHARTWELL · 23/05/2017)


  • Create Sky Exposure Mask
  • Create Sky View Factor Mask
  • Use many times the same dome for Sky Exposure calcultation


It is an open source plugin, you can find source here: GitHub-AntonelloDN




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