Exports/Imports files to/from CADRE as .fem for finite element analysis.

Sketchup2CADRE is a pre-processing tool for generating .fem files for CADRE analytics. The main features are as follows:

-It's possible to assign boundaries, loads, group names, properties and orientation.

-The numbering is consistent and will not change by importing and exporting to Sketchup.

-New members that are added to the model will have a new number.

-Lines will be beams and faces will be plates in CADRE.

-Layer names will convert to group names. 

-Each layer needs a construction point which will be the orientation point for the elements in that group.

-Properties will convert to materials upon importing from CADRE. It's possible to assign the imported materials to other members by using material section in Sketchup.

-All plates will be checked for skewness upon import. Highly skewed plates will be under a separate layer for further checking.

-Its possible to search for nodes, beams and plates by node numbers or element names. It's also possible to search for multiple tab separated names at the same time.

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