SketchUp News Viewer
Keep an eye on SketchUp news and tutorials from blogs, forums, and tweets right inside SketchUp
SketchUp News Viewer

This small extension adds a news browser to the SketchUp Help menu. Now you can follow news and tutorial blog posts but also tweets as well as forum discussions all in one place – without even leaving SketchUp! Clicking a link will get you to the original article (on the source website).

News items and tutorials on the left side of the screen come from a variety of sources, including the official Trimble blogs, SketchUcation and a variety of other tutorial sites (including mine). The right side aggregates tweets about SketchUp and the latest discussions from the SketchUcation and SketchUp's own forums.

I included in this collection whatever source reliably publishes good information and has an accessible RSS feed. If you know of a good blog etc. that should be included here, please suggest it in the comments.


Go to Help > SketchUp News to read the latest news.

You can also find this plugin on GitHub.

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