With the launch of the Kubity desktop app, support for this extension ended on November 14, 2016.

With the launch of the Kubity desktop app, support for this extension ended on November 14, 2016.


To continue using the functions of the qrVR exporter and so much more, check out kubity.com.

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stevekoops ..'s picture

it works great but not perfect for me yet! ok it's fast and easy to use! great work on that!

i use the samsung gear VR and i took the first model. the first thing i knew was that i had to download an other app who sets the gear vr options to cardboard options. (nothing to do with kubity, only that they have a fully supported version for cardboard and not for samsung gear vr or others.) personally i'm waiting on the gear vr friendly use of kubity, but for now ill do it with the cardboard mode option.

oh also, i know that kubity is probably working on it already or i'm doing something wrong. but my imported textures where not noticeable. it where just blank/white surfaces. :(

oh it would be cool to have rendered vr :D is there something already that has this option??

Up to what size of the sketchup file, is this software capable of taking? A sketchup of 83 MB is it able to take care of it?
I tried to convert a 4MB model its does not work.

Dmitry V's picture

I have not noticed direct corelation with the size (although it is important). Depends more on geometry that you have in a model, number of edges.
Had several modela 15-35MB - converted and worked properly.

Unfortunately only works on I phones and pads, not all android supported! I have a Samsung J7 and is not compatible! sad! :(

I have installed the extension to SketchUp and it has a warning/ error message which says 'signature outdated'. How do I rectify this?

Eric W's picture

I have been using this for a week now with my Android, and it's been great for exploring my models.

Two questions:

1. Why do the shadows turn off when I enter the model in VR mode? They show up in the exported file, and it would be much better for visualizing in the walkaround mode.

2. When I send myself the link to the file, there is also a PDF attached. What is this for?

DoNNy ST*R's picture

I just made my first VR environment with qrVR.

I used a 70MB 2015 model of my old smaller office with hundreds of components and groups.

Everything worked amazingly! colours and depth perception is incredible!
5 Stars *****
I would like to try my 250MB model of my entire new factory

I am using an iPhone 6 with a very cheap plastic universal VR headset. Has no button to walk around, and the "dual shock" type remotes I've bought don't work, but they don't work with any of my Apps.

震緯 張's picture

Error in download Receipt: OpenSSL::SSL::SSLError

It shows this error during exporting

Please help me, thanks!

christopher S.'s picture

Post installation, when I try to load the plugin I get the following Error:

undefined local variable or method `' for main:Object

Ibrahim J.'s picture


During exporting, it shows an error message says :

Load error 127 - the following procedures couldnt be identified openssl.so

Please help



I have skp 2016 pro and when i m going to extensions, the qrvr exporter is enable ready to use. it s start to download the skp file but after i have an error message:
Error in download receipt :Rrrno::ENETUNREACH_> A socket operation was attempted to an unreachable network _ connect (2)

i ve restarted my computer
i think that i have windows 7
my internet connection works very well
i try almost 10 times with different skp files

could you help me please?
Thank you very much!


Hi Mathieu
The error indicates that your machine cannot reach the destination IP address. It's maybe a proxy issue or a firewall authorization. In the both case you have to allow SketchUp and your computer to access to qrvr.io
Look at this tutorial : http://www.howtogeek.com/112564/how-to-create-advanced-firewall-rules-in...
You need help? Contact : support@kubity.com
Thanks for your feedback.
Kubity team.


Thank you for your really quick answer
i tried with skp => Extensions => qrVR exporter . I turned off my fire all and have got the same Error message

Then i tried directly to put the SKP file in your website:

It works in few seconds!! Thank you... amazing APP
Is it possible to have an option with only a single lens to see it with the gyroscop of the phone in 360 but without using the goggles?
like a 360 camera..

Fantastic APP!!! i was dreaming of it many years ago!
Best regards,


Hi Mathieu,

Maybe it's a proxy/firewall problem.
You have to authorize the wildcard domain "*.qrvr.io" on following port :  443 and 80.
Glad to hear your feedback!

Best regards,
Kubity team

David G's picture

getting a "blocked plugin" message when downloaading update


Hi David,
If you have a problem to download the update, try to uninstall the old one or delete the following files in your SketchUp plugin directory :
-kubity (directory)

Retry to install the new Kubity plugin called "qrVR exporter"

plugin directory :
-(Windows) C:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 20[XX]\SketchUp\Plugins
-(Mac) /Users/[User Name]/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 20[XX]/SketchUp/Plugins

Just in case, you can try these tips from sketchucation : http://sketchucation.com/resources/tutorials/811-setting-security-permis....

You need help? Contact : support@kubity.com
Thanks for your feedback.
Kubity team

Manny L's picture

Kubity is a fantastic tool. So far I have used it with SketchUp only and it truly enhances the VR experience by facilitating that incredible sensation of "being there" as part of the SketchUp world.

This is without a doubt one of the most useful tools in the SketchUp tool bag, and it all happens in a very intuitive and simple way.

Congrats to the Kubity development team!

lancaster's picture

Beautiful, works for me just like it is supposed to work! Easy. Kubity is my best experience yet for viewing Sketchup models in mobile vr / cardboard.

Rob D.'s picture

This is great. Obviously we are at the beginning of peoples general VR exposure but I have used this plugin and the companion app in clients homes with just a basic cardboard viewer to demonstrate a particular interior view of the project etc and its pretty much blown people away.

Even with very simple models, the difference between showing the model on a screen and viewing the model from a POV perspective is dramatic, particulary with clients that have difficulty visualising a space from a drawing. It immedialty provides a sense of human scale.

The plugin is super easy to use, the only thing is you have to set up the view before handing the viewer to clients, would be great if you could select from Sketchup scenes.

Brian P's picture

Kubity is the best tool I've found for viewing sketchup models when on-the-go. It's great that it has the VR features, but most of the time I use it in non-VR modes, as a simple viewer. Having this Sketchup plugin makes it even quicker and easier to move models to the phone, rather than going to their website and uploading manually.

MAURO L.'s picture


Carlos M.'s picture

Just amazing, I guess you guys have plans to monetize with big sized models because it would put a good load in your servers, but could you do a lite version standalone for small sized models?

Oh, the button in my cardboard cannot make the VR environment move, just sayin' :)


salim m's picture

Extraordinario !

ANJUM M's picture

very useful

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