SketchThis Kitchen Design Plugin 2018
This is a plugin that allows you to browse and use an extensive library of customized Dynamic Components for kitchen design.
SketchThis Kitchen Design Plugin 2018

Design kitchens faster than ever using the SketchThis Kitchen Design Plugin

  • Complete new backend. Your models download faster than ever. Our servers are worldwide.
  • New login system, easier to login, and stay logged in. All account management can be done right in the plugin
  • New beautiful UI that is fast and responsive
  • Persistent download window! Now you can download tons of models at once without the window closing on you!
  • New toolbar
  • Lower pricing! (with free trial)
  • Component options dialog built in to menu bar

The SketchThis Kitchen Design Plugin for Sketchup allows kitchen and interior designers to build amazing kitchens faster than ever before in Sketchup.  The plugin will install a small toolbar into Sketchup which will allow you to browse an extensive library of Dynamic Components.  These components have been designed and built by kitchen designers.  In addition to being Dynamic Components, they also have some added cloud based functionality.  Namely, you can switch out your doors from our list of doors stored in the cloud.  We're constantly improving the components, since they are cloud based all users benefit from the updates right away.




Firefox is one of the best browser i ever used i will get the many advanced features with the updated version of mozilla firefox browser here on our website you will download mozilla firefox browser without any charge.

how the heck do I use this i installed it but it doesnt show in extensions getting fustrated

Hi Eric!

I finally had some time to dig deeper into Sketchup. I've always wanted to experiment on the Sketch This extension that you have been talking about for years but when you first introduced it to me, I was not using Sketch up often enough. I will now download a free trial and let you know how I do!


I'm trying to purchase the 1 week version. I click on $6.95, log in, "Create somethng beautiful!", takes me back to the page to again click on $6.95... repeat. How do I get out of this loop?


Mindaugas V's picture


great plugin, but... how can I change units to metric? easiest way?

Thank you ;)

SketchThis LLC's picture

You can! Just change your SketchUp units to Metric.

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sketchup units was in metric, (I work only with metric system) but when I downloaded dynamic component (cabinet) from sketchis plugin it was all made in inches - all attributes were in inches.... did I have to change all attributes one by one? can I download cabinet in metric system?


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I need to use centimeters, I know that you can change the units. I do not want meters

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Yes, just change your model's drawing units to metric.

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It's in the units settings. Just go to "Window>Preferences>units" on PC. Mac it's "SketchUp>Preferences>Units"

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how to install click kitchen in google sketchup ??

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Sorry but I get annoyed when I've taken the time to install plugins that are so crippled that I can't get anything at all out of the software. The subscription based payments are crazy for occasional users. Your business model is based around people who design kitchens for a living. That should be clearly stated before people waste their time installing it only to immediately uninstall it.

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We offer a very low price for occasional users like you. They are bite sized subscriptions that don’t automatically renew so it’s easy to do a one off project. On top of that, with our trial a lot of occasional users like yourself are able to get a project done before the trial is even over.

These prices and plans are noted right in the plugin window.

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Eric the Daily option for $10 is this 24 consecutive i.e. a real day , or a virtual day where I can log in and out on occasions over 24 hrs ?

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The $10 is for 24 hours of unlimited access. It's a 24 hour window, not cumulative use.

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Lately this plug-in has been working very slowly. Every time I need to change the property of a cabinet, the window pops up that says 'The operation is taking a long time. Do you want to continue?', and it takes forever. Is there a trick or something that will make it work faster? I work on Windows, it is Sketch up 13 version. Thanks

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That can happen from time to time. Your best bet is to save and close your model, then to close SketchUp. Reopen SketchUp and your model and try again.

If that doesn't work, reboot the computer and give it a shot. Both of these things should make it run nice and snappy again. If you're still having trouble, head over to and drop us a message and we'll work through it for you.

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Another issue...the installation instructions #1 says launch the program. If it's a pluggin why am I asked to launch a .rbz file for a program that is not common? There is no "Window" in the Tool Bar to choose from, so instructions #2 on ward is now useless to me. Can't stand programs that is not just a click away, time wasted fiddling around.

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Sorry you're having trouble. The plugin is actually really easy to install. If you're on SketchUp 2013 or newer you can just install it right from the Extension warehouse. One click. When we update, those updates are pushed to you.

Sounds like you might have been trying to install it on SketchUp 8... That version doesn't have access to the Extension Warehouse. For that, we provide installers right on our site. For Mac and PC, there are installers that do all the work for you, you just have to run them.

The RBZ we provide is for special cases only, it says so our site when you download it.

I am not sure why you're having issues with Internet Explorer, but we do have to use it on Windows, and we have to use Safari on Mac. Our plugin runs on the web, and serves content into SketchUp. For any SketchUp plugin written that uses the web, we HAVE to use the web browser that is provided with your system, regardless of whether it's your default browser or not.

If you're having issues with Internet Explorer in SketchUp, open it up and make sure it's up to date. Clear the history and cache and try it again. Almost every time this fixes any issues as a lot of people ignore the IE updates.

If you are still having problems, go to and hit the contact form. We can walk you through everything, and even do a screen share if you need to get you up and running.

Alignment Six T.'s picture

So I clicked download on the site....a pop up window showing how to install comes looks like instructions assumes there is only one browser in existence. I stopped use Internet Explorer ages ago due to its constant crashing of is an obsolete browser in my eyes. Post proper instructions that can be used by Fire Fox and other popular browsers.


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Please see my reply to your second comment so we can get you all fixed up.

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Is there a way to get a list of the cabinetry in the model so I can send it to my cabinet people for a quote? Crown moulding option would be nice! Also for some reason when I render my design in supodium the light maples show up black. I am Mac user running yosemite and sketchup2015

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Error: No such file or directory - C:/Users/יערה/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2014/SketchUp/Plugins/SketchThis
C:/Users/יערה/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2014/SketchUp/Plugins/SketchThis/SketchThisLoader.rb:26:in `open'
C:/Users/יערה/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2014/SketchUp/Plugins/SketchThis/SketchThisLoader.rb:26:in `entries'
C:/Users/יערה/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2014/SketchUp/Plugins/SketchThis/SketchThisLoader.rb:26:in `'
C:/Users/יערה/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2014/SketchUp/Plugins/SketchThis/SketchThisLoader.rb:24:in `'
C:/Program Files (x86)/SketchUp/SketchUp 2014/Tools/extensions.rb:197:in `require'
C:/Program Files (x86)/SketchUp/SketchUp 2014/Tools/extensions.rb:197:in `load'
C:/Users/יערה/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2014/SketchUp/Plugins/SketchThis.rb:96:in `register_extension'
C:/Users/יערה/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2014/SketchUp/Plugins/SketchThis.rb:96:in `'
C:/Users/יערה/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2014/SketchUp/Plugins/SketchThis.rb:31:in `'

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Unfortunately downloads for this plugin are not working. I have tried downloading it through sketchup with no success.

ETA: it did eventually download and install.

Andrew F's picture

OOOPS! Sorry -- disregard my quandary: turns out the tool bar was hiding in plain 'site' ... doesn't show under "Plugins" ... but was there 'floating' in my drawing. I've now pinned it to the general tool bar. Excited to explore this cabinet maker add-on -- thank you!

Andrew F's picture

Downloaded this plugin through Extension Warehouse (using Sketchup version 14.1.1282 and a Windows 7 computer). But the plugin doesn't appear anywhere -- it's not with my other plugins under the Plugins dropdown menu. No sign of the program anywhere -- only the option to uninstall through Extension Warehouse.


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Did you turn the toolbar on in "Vew>Toolbars"

Also, did you check behind any other toolbars? Sometimes it can get behind other floating toolbars.

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Is there any new plugins not 1001 bit tools... plz suggest

suchitra N.'s picture

Does it support in sketchup 8. If den plz help me hw to install

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Im an Architect and i think that this plug in is not serious at all. the shapes and forms of this basic tool are so limited and non realistic. we cannot pay for a version of this calls ( PRO ) with that poor level of detail..If you want a professional opinion, the answer is: This is a very bad tool, you can use the google warehouse instead...The rest is for creativity and experience.

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Were you not able to adjust your cabinets? You can do so in the Dynamic Component options window. The cabinets are accurate to the 64th of an inch. We also allow you to swap your doors and hardware, something that you cannot do at all with the 3D warehouse.

We have many architects that use our tool for planning and design.

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Since almost everything in this extension requires you to pay for its use, I don't find the extension of any use at all.

John L.'s picture

Thank you. I would agree. Plenty of pay programs for kitchen design. Don’t need another. *YAWN*

SketchThis LLC's picture

As far as I know this is the only dedicated kitchen design program for SketchUp.

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To all,

I just checked again as of March 23rd 2014 on my SU Pro extension warehouse & it still say's this extension was uninstalled as not compatible. I generally don't like work-arounds, so need SU HQ to validate this asap.

I hope SU HQ gives this the thumbs up soon, I'm still using SU Pro 2013 in the meantime. (I use Win 7 Professional)

I'll only use it again when this has been confirmed. Any news from the author in the meantime will be most appreciated.

Over & out,

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I believe this plugin is going to be relaunched as easy sketch.

John Atkinson's picture

Ben f

You are incorrect. EASYSKETCH is a completely new plugin and is not associated in any way with the superb SketchThis plugin.

Clayton T.'s picture

To all,

Great extension, but SU Pro 2014 say's it's been removed as not compatible, h'mmmmm.....can the author let us know when this will be updated...........back to SU Pro 2013 in the meantime.

Over & out,

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Sorry we didn't see this comment here, but we're all compatible with 2014 (we were at launch) so you shouldn't be seeing any notifications that it's not working...

why do you want all kinds ofaccess to my computer??

SketchThis LLC's picture

Sketchup needs that access to install the plugin, that’s all.

Robert B's picture

Free to try. =|

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Are you liking what you find on the free trial?

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