Skelion Pro
Solar photovoltaic and thermal systems design.
Skelion Pro

Skelion lets you to design solar photovoltaic or thermal systems inserting solar panels in any face. Use Skelion toolbar to start drawing panels and make energy calculations. Design residential installations or ground mount power plants using your own components. 



Visit homepage and watch installation video tutorial and other training videos.




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Interesting to know about Skelton toolbar and it makes easy to start drawing panels and make energy calculations. This video makes much easy to understand its details. It makes easy to design the realistic images. Continue sharing more informative topics.

It allows you to design solar photo voltaic cells inserting solar panels in any face. It is used to start drawing panels and make energy calculations. It also designs residential installations. It constructs ground mount power plant using the components.obgyn free clinic

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Skelion is a plugin of SketchUp. It means you require SketchUp running on your PC to install it. Take after the typical process to install plugins on Sketchup (Watch manual or SketchUp online help).

No issue what sort of configuration you're hoping to make, you'll likely discover only the correct format in this program. There are possibilities for Construction Documentation, Landscape Architecture, Interior and Production Design, 3D Printing, and the sky is the limit from there. Also, each kind of layout gives you a chance to pick the arrangement of estimation you'd jump at the chance to utilize and on what scale.

Skelion's picture

Yes. Try this:
1-Extension manager - settings - Unrestricted
2-Extension manager- install extension and select the downloaded file.

It should work fine.

Does Skelion works on Sketchup 17? i am trying to install, but i can[t see the bar.

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Do you make tutorial videos that actually have someone speaking in them? I am still having a difficult time learning how to layout the panels on the roof.

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Fantastic plugin for various solar applications. Streamlines the process of building panel layouts & generating energy production reports and therefore saves a large amount of time. One of my favourite features would have to be the program's ability to automatically draw the interfaces between shaded and non-shaded areas on surfaces for specific times of the day.

Great plugin. Nice work.
So easy to layout ground mount system now.

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The aim of Skelion is to develop a software to design solar systems in a faster and more efficient way reducing the costs of design. To achieve this goal Skelion combines SketchUp, "the 3D software for everyone", and Google Earth with the solar software normally used for the designers giving as a result an easy to use and comprehensive solution to design a solar system. From residential systems to ground power plants, Skelion will let installers, engineers and architects start their projects from an easy 3D model with an accurate idea of the power and disposition of solar panels.
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