Solar photovoltaic or thermal systems design.



Skelion lets you to design solar photovoltaic or thermal systems inserting solar panels in any face. Use Skelion toolbar to start drawing panels and make energy calculations. Design residential installations or ground mount power plants using your own components.

Visit homepage and watch installation video tutorial and other training videos.




The model downloading feature is a clever idea to reduce the time of creating the model from scratch. The extension is very useful for placing solar panels over buildings with a few clicks. Hope to see more such interesting extensions. Trinity Builders Cochin

It lets you to design solar photo voltaic or thermal systems inserting solar panels in any face. This toolbar is used to start drawing panels and to make energy calculations. It is used to design residential installations and ground mount power plants.private day tours amsterdam

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The screen will certainly dim as well as back to bright as method 1. the you took with this technique, likewise saved in a folder named Screenshots under Pictures library.

The video and details you have shared here had been very informative to know about Skelion and how this has been used to design solar photovoltaic or thermal systems inserting solar panels in any face. Keep sharing such informative flash player not working on chromeposts

It’s my first time to visit this site & I’m really surprised to see such impressive stuff!

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i used it it very use full for drawing. it Utilize Skelion toolbar to begin drawing boards and make vitality figurings. Outline private establishments or ground mount control plants utilizing your own segments.
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i can't understand the units of measuring of the out put of skelion it tells its 780 kwp >>> my question is 780 kwp per day? or per hour? or per month ? or per year? or per what??? please advice thanks>>>

For Life. Kwp is a unit of power (forever). Just like the Horse Power of your car.
Time is not consider in this variable.

This is extremely useful! Thanks a lot

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Why my pv cells are blank ? i think I click somewhere but i dont know where...

Can someone help me out ?

Thanks in advance

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Yes, absolutely brillant...

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I have installed Sketchup 2016 and downloaded Skelion through the extensions warehouse as there is no install button but only download. I unzipped the folder and copied the skelion_loader file to the Users\damon\appdata\sketchup\plugings folder but when I attempt to open Sketchup it is says error loading files in a new window.

I have been trying to install the add in all day without much success.

It was working in Sketchup 2014

Please can you advise further?


Skelion's picture

Please, visit web page. Watch installation video (training tab).
All is explained clearly in the video. Any other question contact with

About your problem skelion.rb and skelion folder must be directly in Plugins folder (not skelion_loader file).
Also in Sketchup 2016 is necesary go to sketchup preferences and activate skelion to activate it.

Best regards

how to insert solar panels? i tried selecting an face with line, then 360 perspective, then relative angle i kept 18 degree, then i clicked on fill face. But the panels did not appear! Please help! I am very disappointed by this, i have watched installation video of how to insert solar panels, the same thing i have done, but its not coming!

Skelion's picture

Email to and send the model with explanation of values you want to insert.

Michael O's picture

Question: Windows 10 Pro on a Surface... is this plugin supported?

Skelion's picture


Philippe A.'s picture


I have tried to install on Ubuntu.
After installation, when I accept the licence, it just says : "page not found".

What do I do wrong ?

Thanks a lot.


Skelion's picture

SketchUp use internally IE in Windows and Safari in MAC OS. Skelion need last version of those browsers. (Not IE 8). Sorry but I don't know in ubutu how to fix your problem.

Michael L.'s picture

how can i install it?

Skelion's picture

Please, visit and go to training tab. There you will find an installation video tutorial.

Michael L.'s picture

Skelion can also tell me the kwh/m2 on each facade?

Julio V's picture

I installed a SketchUp and I want to instal Skelion I went to the extension Warehouse and made all the steps indicated. But when all is finished there is still instal button and on Sketchup isn't Skelion, eventhough a message appear telling me that the extension is now installed and ready to use. Also when i go to my extensions skelion is there bur uninstalled and not active.

I saw in the comments that some other users had the same problem but when i try to see the video of the answer you published, it tells me that the playlist does not exist.


Skelion's picture

Please watch installation video at
and visit also skelion web page.
(There is a new playlist with new video tutorials, sorry the old link is not working.)

Zbigniew S's picture

Today I installed a SketchUp Pro and I want to instal Skelion I made all things what was in manual.I want to instal it on Window Extension Werehouse it instal but when all finished there is still instal button and on Sketchup isn't Skelion. Please help.

Skelion's picture

Please, any installation issue contact with
Watch new installation video:

Puma S.'s picture

In my computer I have, SketchUp pro 2014, Why can't I install skelion?

Skelion's picture

In Windows you need wmic works in command prompt.
If not, then you must install wmi.
Watch installation video:

Francisco A's picture

Since I updated to the latest version (5.1.5) it has stopped working. Is anyone else facing the same issue? I've tried to reinstall both Sketchup and Skelion, Several times, with no success.

When I try to insert solar components it Always prompts with multiple faces in a blank screen..

Skelion's picture

515 only works with Internet Explorer 11 in Windows. Update your browser.
(In MacOS update Safari)

Francisco A's picture

Thank you sir!
My best regards to the creator of this extension! Amazing work.

gunsagar S.'s picture

It doesnt work in Sketchup 2013 !!
how to go on that??
What other plugin i have ?

Skelion's picture

Last version 513 works fine in 2014 but has some bugs in 2013 and 8. They will be fixed in next release.
Please update to SketchUP 2014.

Dave G's picture

I have posted in a couple of other locations with no responses. So is Skelion dead for SketchUp 2014? I have tried every method known to install the plugin/extension and it doesn't work. Not a dummy, there is some major issue with getting the full Skelion extension to operate in 2014. The toolbar opens for the 2d, which is useless to me.
I realize this is a labor of love on your part, but it would be nice if you could just stand in your truth and let us all know if we need to stop trying to make this work or too keep looking back day after day to see if you made the necessary changes so the app will work.
It is a great tool, but this is very frustrating and I know I don't stand alone with all the others who have made requests.
Please put something out there, even if it you telling us all that you quit and this is not longer something you wish to use your life and energy on.
Thank you for all your hard work. I do hope you bring this back to life.
It is not life or death, since all one needs to do is continue using 2013 SketchUp when i want to do a solar related project. So I guess maybe everything is perfect and we all just need to work with what is there.
Namaste - Dave

Skelion's picture

Sorry for the delay answering. Until now, alerts of comments didn't arrive...
If you have problems installing write to and some one will help to you.

Dachen W.'s picture

Can not run in sketchup 2014 PRO, plz repair it as soon as possible

Skelion's picture


Skelion's picture

Download last version from skelion web. Here will be published when SU team will approve version update changes.

Christian J's picture

This is a fantastic tool but it will not work on osx mavrics!
Please update!
Im using an old pc I had to dig out of the closet do do my job.

This is not a review of the plugin but a review of the system.
The system on the roof top is great to have and no harm but the one on the grass is definately what they have to rethink in terms of sustainability.
If there is a gain, then there is a loss, too. The first sacriface will be the grass in the permanent shade and the last one is the earth itself, which seams contradictory but inconveniently true.
The massive development of such systems including wind turbine will impair the equilibrium of total energy in nature and lead to unexpected result in the long run.
The nature like wind, light, and water should be untouched as much as possible. Man-made development should be done when and where it is inevitable. That's why I was freaked out when I looked at the scene of installing Skelion system on a large area of undeveloped land.
To me, it looks so bad in aesthetic and even sustainable point of view.

Ben W's picture

This PLugin is absolutely brilliant - if you do solar thermal or PV design and want something presentable to show your clients look no further. It will save you hours for a minimal investment of learning time, and really helps you visualise things as they will turn out in the real world.

Often you will get find things fade in your memory when you return to the office after surveying a building and then later planning the work, this will bring it all together for you quickly and leave nothing to the imagination (assuming you took a tape measure to the survey)

I cannot recommend this highly enough for the jobbing installer or sales person.

I temporarily used the paid version and it adds a lot of functionality for the large scale designer, well worth the money.

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The aim of Skelion is to develop a software to design solar systems in a faster and more efficient way reducing the costs of design. To achieve this goal Skelion combines SketchUp, "the 3D software for everyone", and Google Earth with the solar software normally used for the designers giving as a result an easy to use and comprehensive solution to design a solar system. From residential systems to ground power plants, Skelion will let installers, engineers and architects start their projects from an easy 3D model with an accurate idea of the power and disposition of solar panels.
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