Simple Plugin Installer
Adds menu items for easy installation of RBZ or ZIP packaged plugins, as well as RB and RBS files.
Simple Plugin Installer

SketchUp's "Install Extension" button only allows .RBZ files, and you have to navigate through several clicks to get to the button.

As someone who often installs plugin I wanted an easier and more flexible method which resulted in this small and simple utility to make it easier to install .RBZ, .ZIP packages. It also let you pick .RB files which will be copied to the Plugins folder. (Note, this feature has not been tested under systems with limited access, so it might fail - where the user will see an error message.)

For more information on installing plugins:

Version 1.1.0

Added guard against VirtualStore under Windows. See this SCF thread for more info on VirtualStore:


  • ZIP Package
    Allows for installation of .ZIP files as if they where .RBZ files.
  • RBZ Package
    Does the same as SketchUp's "Install Extension" button.
  • RB File
    Copies selected .rb file to the Plugins folder.
    ( As reported by Sketchup.find_support_file('Plugins') )
  • RBS File
    Copies selected .rbs file to the Plugins folder.
  • Open Extension Manager
    Simply opens the Extension page under SketchUp's Preferences window.

Menus & Toolbars

  • Plugins » Install »

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I am a regular visitor here as it allows me to get some information about how to install the plugins easily. I am following the steps in order to complete the steps. Keep continuing to share more. Thank you.
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I went through the article and the installation steps. I am so happy that it works well. I would recommend you to share the video here for more clarification. Hope you will consider my opinion. Thank to stop pop up ads

gostei mito bom

Callum E's picture

would a .RBS file meant for 2013 or earlier work in 2016 using this extension?

ThomThom's picture

RBS files can be loaded in any SketchUp version.

However, SU2013 used Ruby 1.8, while SU2014 and newer uses Ruby 2.x which may or may not be compatible.

24mar18 -
Says should work in Sketchup2018.
Seems the simplest test would be to:
Make a circle
Delete the face
Add a skin (that works)
Select the object (that works)
Make a bubble.. That would effectively give you a dome.
No joy. After entering a pressure the text says its running... Then finished 0.0010944blahblah
But no change to the selected object.

ThomThom's picture

What extension are you referring to? Soap skip bubble? You then want to comment on the page for that extension. This is just an old extension-installer helper.


Would this work for Curviloft?

I can't seem to get it to work. It says can't be loaded automatically.


ThomThom's picture

You could use this to install Curviloft, but you can also just use the Install Extension feature in SketchUp directly.

kim T.'s picture

Thank ^.^

yahya i's picture

not work for me.. only fork for rbz and rb file not for rbs..

ThomThom's picture

Can you elaborate on what doesn't work? What do you observe? Are you getting error messages?

yahya i's picture


yahya i's picture

Error: #
c:/users/yahya ibrahim/appdata/roaming/sketchup/sketchup 2017/sketchup/plugins/instantroof.rbs

ThomThom's picture

That error is not coming from this extension. That is coming from the InstantRoof plugin/script you are installing.

yahya i's picture

oh sorry..I don' t know that

Tank you

Tank you

luca t's picture

amazing tools really advised

Kasemnithit K.'s picture

Thank you. later

Fred F's picture

Thank you so much. Very tired of fiddling around with .rb in ZIP folders...this solved it all! Cheers and thanks for being such an asset to the SU community!

Elias S.'s picture

Não instala o instant roof.rbs, o que eu faço?


Olá, Elias, bom dia!
Encontro o mesmo problema.
Você conseguiu resolver?
Abraço e obrigado!

Lewis T's picture


Fantastic I just got back my old favourite .rb files - keep up the good work .

JoAnna J's picture

Simple. Easy. Great.

Roger L. S's picture

I try to install a Plugin named Yuzu for Sketchup 0.9 32-bit. It is a exe program. I notice that the installer will not accept .exe program?

When I try to insall the Plugin (run the .exe program), it ask for the Plugins directory. Can anyone help explain me where I find the Plugins directory in Sketchup Pro 2015?


Jeff J's picture

Now all it needs is the ability to uninstall extensions and it would be perfect. For example, I uncheck the box in extensions manager but it still exists in the list. Most of the time if I uncheck the item I will never install it again. I install a lot of extensions just to try out and decide not to keep them listed for clutter reasons.

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delete file and folder in user-sketchup-plugins

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