SimLab STL Importer for Sketchup
SimLab STL importer for SketchUp plugin, enables SketchUp users to import *.stl files into SketchUp.
SimLab STL Importer for Sketchup

The plugin is supported on SketchUp 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, and SketchUp 8, on Windows and Mac.

For using this plugin, you can request a trial license. The trial license allows the user to use the plugin for 30 times (trial license automatically expires after one month)

The professional license of the plugin costs $79

 The professional license allows the user to install the plugin on two machines.



Steve B.'s picture

Could someone please explain why I would even consider this plugin when SketchUp released a plugin that both imports and exports for free?

FYI Sketchup STL doesn't work right now.. Can't even download it.

try this site

Simlab Soft's picture

Just tested this with SketchUp 2016 on windows and it works.

Can you please let me know which platform are you testing on?

Simlab Soft's picture

This plugin was released before the other plugin from SketchUp.

If the free plugin works for you with no issues, then go for it.

JoePCP .'s picture

I did and it works fine....

Thaddeus E's picture

This extension is telling me I must have Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks or higher, I have Mac OS X 10.7.4, is there an earlier version I can still use?

Kristien D.'s picture

I can't try the trial, because I allready am trying the trial for the simlab-obj importer apparently? Aren't these two separate? For some reason my obj-file doesn't import (just loads and then nothing), thus I wanted to try to import stl, and now i can't.

Simlab Soft's picture

Hello Kristien,

Please send an email to they will have this resolved for you.

Joshua D's picture


Really? It's usually a common practice to include verbiage somewhere that indicates what a user is downloading is/isn't trial-ware.

Simply for the sheer fact of feeling misled - I will not purchase this item. It very well could be a great extension…. the developer could truley be a saint and potentially giving all sales proceeds to charity & the needy……… but it just doesn't make up for the let down and frustration of seeing another useless entry in my plug-ins menu that essentially makes you feel like someone crept into your domain under false pretenses….. I hate that….. it reminds me of the internet popOver/Under era of the 90's…….. so anoying and wasteful.

Sysnet C.'s picture

I agree..

Simlab Soft's picture

Based on the feedback, we updated the description, to describe trial policy, and the professional pricing of the plugin.

As a company adding our plugins to the store, our assumption was trial is the default, not free, we are participating in other stores, where they have a filed for the type of plugin Free, Trial, or Professional (you need to buy before first usage).

Sorry for any inconvenience.

If I wrote the feedback, I would say, "This is a commercial plugin, I believe the developer should include information about pricing in the description", we would have learned this is what users expect here, as the default is free, and we would have added the same info :->

Ian S.'s picture

I agree, very misleading and a pain to install and immediately remove.

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