SimLab STEP importer for Sketchup
STEP importer for SketchUp plugin, enables users to import *.stp, *.step files into SketchUp.
SimLab STEP importer for Sketchup

The plugin imports geometries, colors, and normals, and is supported on SketchUp 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, and SketchUp 8, on Windows and MacOS.

For using this plugin, you can request a trial license. The trial license allows the user to use the plugin for 30 times (trial license automatically expires after one month)


The professional license of the plugin costs $79


The professional license allows the user to install the plugin on two machines.


Allen N's picture

I sent a License request for the trial. Need it badly for today, Philippine time

Simlab Soft's picture

I checked the license should have been sent to you.

Alex T's picture

Tried this on a fresh install of Sketchup 2016 and a 20.4MB STEP file (

Crashed. :(

Simlab Soft's picture

We will test your model?

Are you running in Windows or Mac?

Alex T's picture

Mac. Sketchup 16.

Steven S's picture

Does not work for me. Not recommended. After selecting file to import it does nothing.

Simlab Soft's picture

Sorry to know you faced an issue with the plugin, if you can share the model with us, we will be glad to check it for you.

Anton S.'s picture

Tried to install it from the SketchUp warehouse. I see it under the "Extension" menu, but no action works, including Register...

This is surely something will not incentivate me and I think even other users to buy the program.

Simlab Soft's picture

I am sorry for that, we will check this.

Please try to download the plugin from following link:

It may be missing a dll needed on some machines that is included in the installer.

Anton S.'s picture

The version 5.1.2 for Win32 do not work on my system even if installed via installer.

Windows 7 Enterprise 32-bit
ScketchUp 2015

Anton S.'s picture

Tank you fr your kind reply.

Do you compile the 6.0.1 version for Win 32-bit?

Chee Sing Y's picture

1. My customer sent me a STEP file, I cannot import using SimLab STEP.
2. I can open using Inventor Fusion perfectly. Then I export from Inventor Fusion as STEP.
3. Then I can reimport again using SimLab STEP.


4. The model is now in mono purple color!!! What happen.

Please help... any solution?

Mark W's picture

Every model I import is purple color and is so large as to be unworkable. I don't have this probelm if I convert to STL first and then import the STL file.

Simlab Soft's picture

If materials were assigned to the STEP file, they should be read, else a default color will be used.

units should be read from the STEP file, make sure in the options auto scale is not checked.

I have kind of the same problem. Some of the files I import into SU16 are shown purple, the scale is ok though. I cannot change the material in SU. How the the material or color can be override?

Simlab Soft's picture

if you want us to check the file, please send it to

I will give you a solution that should work for you.

Download SimLab Composer from the following link:

Install Fusion integration plugin from following link:

When you open the file in Fusioon use the plugin to transfer the model to SimLab Composer, it should appear with all colors and material assignments

From SimLab Composer export the model as a SketchUp file to open it in SketchUp.

We will check the models as soon as you send it to us, but this is a workaround that you should be able to use immediately.

Thore W's picture


When do you expect to have a 2016 compatibility version?

Simlab Soft's picture

We are working on the upgrade, should be available next week.

Matt J.'s picture

Using sketch up 14.0.4 - crashes trying to retrieve a trial license.

Chris E's picture

$80 for a file converter/importer is more than double what this is worth.

It does not even work that well... the models generated by the 15 free trial imports are _very_ messy and bloated. I had to manually recreate them, using the converted models as reference only.

Not sure who came up with the $80 price tag, but they are clearly out of touch with the software world. For what this extension does I'd pay maybe $20, and likely still feel like I paid too much.

Simlab Soft's picture

We truly appreciate all users opinion.

We price plugins based on the effort needed for development, licensing needed, and support.

if you face any issue with any SimLab plugin we will be glad to help.

Jeremy H.'s picture

Product sends error messages and crashes when trying to open anything larger than 5MB. I will definitely not using any product created by you.

Simlab Soft's picture

Sorry to know it did not work as you expected.

if you need help, please send us the model and the platform you are working on, and we will do our best to check the issue for you.

Shlomi G.'s picture

Unbelivable! None of your plugins work!

I have Tryed the SimLab STEP importer for Sketchup and the SimLab OBJ importer for Sketchup.

I advuse you guyes in SimLab to alloe installing your pro plugins as a free license and we will do the Q.A. for you!

Couldn't import a 4.96 Mb STP file, not to mention bigger files size.

It's a shame for you...if you wish to become proffessionals, start acting like proffessionals!

Good day.

Simlab Soft's picture

We are better than pro, we are friendly, we care for each user to have his models working.
We have an issue with the extension wherehouse that we are trying to fix, for some users who do not have VC 2005 installed, the plugin may not work.

Also the version in the warehouse only includes the 32 bit version of the plugin.

You can download the 64 bit version from our website.

and if you found a model not working, and you bought the plugin or using it on trial, we will be glad to help you getting it working.


Shlomi G.'s picture

I do Have VC 2005 installed.
I have downloaded the 64 bit and installed it.
The 64 bit is version 5.1.1 but when I check the plugin version in 'Help' - it is 5.1...
Come on guys...why not writing that the plugin is for 32 bit and directing to the 64 bit?
How do I un-install the plugin from skechup?

Simlab Soft's picture

As with any other installed application from Control panel/ add remove programs you can remove the program.

For an extension same way you remove any other extension.

If you need help getting the model importing to SketchUp, please send us an email to

We will be glad to help.


Rico M's picture

The download never showed up on Sketchup- Version 15. The download links on this page didn’t work either. I would be hesitant to purchase a full version if the demo/trial version doesn’t even work.

Simlab Soft's picture

Did you check under the extension menu?
the plugin should add itself under that menu.

Jim C's picture

Not compatible wih SketchUp Version 15.1.106 64-bit

Simlab Soft's picture

We updated the extension and it is being reviewed by SketchUp team, it should be available soon.

If you need it quickly you can download it from the following link

Simlab Soft's picture

Step by step instructions for getting a trial can be found at the following link

Ernesto C's picture

How do I request a trial license?

Max K's picture

They "forgot" to mention that this isn't a free plugin.
There is a Free Trial option in it, but if you want to use it you have to pay $79...

Simlab Soft's picture

Based on the feedback, we updated the description, to describe trial policy, and the professional pricing of the plugin.

Thank you.

Hailey L.'s picture

doesn't work on sketchup 8

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