SimLab SolidWorks Importer for SketchUp
Import SolidWorks parts and assemblies (*.sldpart, *.sldasm) into SketchUp.
SimLab SolidWorks Importer for SketchUp

SimLab SolidWorks importer for SketchUp plugin, enables users to import SolidWorks parts and assemblies (*.sldpart, *.sldasm) into SketchUp. The plugin is capable of importing SolidWorks files up to version 2016, and is supported on SketchUp 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 and SketchUp 8.

For using this plugin, you can request a trial license. The trial license allows the user to use the plugin for 30 times (trial license automatically expires after one month)


The professional license of the plugin costs $150


The professional license allows the user to install the plugin on two machines.


Not working for me.

The 2017 trial version was working perfectly with Sketchup Make for Windows (latest version). After purchasing and activating the license for version 8, it no longer will import parts or assemblies. Any chance of fixing the compatibility?

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SketchUp pro 2018 on Win10. Plugin on trial. Click open on a sldprt file. Got a big flash and then nothing. The drawing is empty! I tried with many other file and its all the same! 150$ is expensive for a plugin who doesn't works.

I did try the the trial of the Step importer. That one works like a charm and it's 80$ instead of 150$. And you can export Solidworks in .step easily.

i have installed the plug in, when i click on import nothing happens?

The trial version of SimLab SolidWorks Importer for Sketchup v7.0 works with my installation of Sketchup Pro 2017 in Windows 10 Pro, using my HP 350 G1 laptop with an Intel i3-4005U CPU @ 1.70Ghz and with 16GB of RAM.

The document import very well to sketchup, but don´t allow me to put materials. Why?

All I see is the Extensions->SimLab Solidworks Importer.

Selecting "SimLab Solidworks Importer" doesn't do anything.

Am I missing something?

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I'm having the same issue, no pop out menu appears when I hover over it.

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Are you running on Windows or Mac?

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I'm on Mac.

Does this importer work with Sketchup Make or do you have to buy the Professional version of Sketchup?

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It should work with both Make and Pro




I was importing a 11MB size solidworks assembly file using your plug-in. It seems to take forever for the load...


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Users tested this with larger files, it should work.

If you can share the file with us ( we can check it for you and see why it is taking all this time

If I buy this then will I get upgrades for free? i.e. when SolidWorks 2017 and/or SketchUp 2017 come out? Or do I have to rebuy at full price?

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Comment Deleted by user

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First, this is the way we all buy software, the user should try to make sure the importer works with her/his files and buy after that.
Users who buy SimLab plugins are eligible for 30 days money back guarantee, just inform us that the plugin did not with your files, we are in the business of providing value for the user not into tricking the user.

If you can share the file with they will be glad to check it for you, they will either fix it for you, or inform you what went wrong.

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Comment deleted by user

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I believe that the plugin is well tested, and we have a good number of happy users.

The problem is that people usually post when they have an issue, few users take the time to post about a good experience that they have.

Regarding the STEP importer, you have to understand the difference in nature between STEP and SketchUp files, I do not believe that any converter can get all the files from STEP to SketchUp.

My understnading is that you have an issue with the plugin and I asked for information to help in the issue, if you can share with us the file size, environment, or even better if you can share the file with us, we will be glad to help you, because we care that you and other users in the SketchUp community to be able to have a good workflow.

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I have to apoligize I was to hasty with my comment regarding the solidworks import extension and have attempted to remove them. I spent some time this morning thinking about my comments and I rembered that the problem with uploading my solidworks file seemed to be hardware related. I have quite a large file and my 16GB of ram is not enough to get the job done when it comes to trying to import the file. So again I appoligize for my comments regarding the solidworks importer.

Regarding the STEP file it seems that many of the commenters were having the same problem and after spending days trying to navigate these models with a clunkey viewer I was hoping that the STEP importer would provide a solution to my problem so the fact that it didn't work after several attemts at importing the file and seeing other commenters with the same isssue was very frustrating.

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The plugin should by default transfer solidworks colors to the model in SketchUp.
if you can share the mode with we can check it for you.

My materials/colors do not transfer over when I import my .sldasm. What did you do to your SW file in order to have the file import as your example image here?

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This plugin has been fantastic for my work in which I need SolidWorks models for illustrating Installation Guides. However, now that I've used it for a while, I want more functionality. I spend a lot of time using other plugins to clean up the models to lighten them up (full of duplicate faces, etc.) so they load faster. I would be nice if clean up OPTIONS were part of the converter.

Gregoire A.'s picture

Worked great from SW 2013 to SK 2016, thanks!!
Although I couldn't instal the plugin directly from the SK Extension Warehouse, but from Sim Lab's website.
Thanks guys!

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wont open a file with newest version of sketchup. So it's broken..

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The plugin support SketchUp 2015 and prior and is capable of reading files from SolidWorks 2015

We are doing final test for the next update which will support SketchUp 2016 and Solidworks 2016

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Was working perfectly but after upgrading from Windows 8.1 to 10, it fails to import - sketchup constantly reports "Cant insert empty component".

OK - Looks like a SOLIDWORKS 2015 file format is not supported. Loaded a 2013 file format, works OK. Need to update the compatibility description to limit the Solidworks version to 2013 (not sure which SP release) and below.

Good product, but error message next to useless.

Greg B.'s picture

I get this message too, anyway of converting my sldprt to an earlier format?

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the plugin was updated to read solidworks 2016 files
please install it from

if you still face an issue, please send the file to

we will check it for you.

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Estoy probando el Trial de 15 dias.
Funciona perfectamente, exporte pieza complejas y ensamblajes de 100 piezas y funciona muy bien!
Lo recomiendo.

I'm testing the Trial of 15 days .
Works perfectly , export complex part and assembly of 100 pieces and works great!
I recommend it.

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I had no trouble installing this extension on my mac, however when I'm in sketchup and I try and try to click on the importer, it just simply doesn't respond.

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The plugin is marked for Windows only, My understanding is that it should show this in the extension warehouse.

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Doesnt work on SketchUp 2015 for mac.. says:

"Error Loading File /Users/manuelmaestrini/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2015/SketchUp/Plugins/SimLabSolidWorksImporter/SimLabSolidWorksImporter_loader.rb
Error: #
/Users/manuelmaestrini/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2015/SketchUp/Plugins/SimLabSolidWorksImporter/SimLabSolidWorksImporter_loader.rb:40:in `chmod'
/Users/manuelmaestrini/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2015/SketchUp/Plugins/SimLabSolidWorksImporter/SimLabSolidWorksImporter_loader.rb:40:in `'
/Users/manuelmaestrini/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2015/SketchUp/Plugins/SimLabSolidWorksImporter/SimLabSolidWorksImporter_loader.rb:10:in `'
/Users/manuelmaestrini/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2015/SketchUp/Plugins/SimLabSolidWorksImporter/SimLabSolidWorksImporter_loader.rb:8:in `'
/Applications/SketchUp 2015/ `require'
/Applications/SketchUp 2015/ `load'
/Users/manuelmaestrini/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2015/SketchUp/Plugins/SimLabSolidWorksImporter.rb:18:in `register_extension'
/Users/manuelmaestrini/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2015/SketchUp/Plugins/SimLabSolidWorksImporter.rb:18:in `'

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This plugins only works on Windows,
It is marked in the extension warehouse as a windows only plugin.

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Hi, I just switched from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1, and the plugin isn't working anymore, asking me to install Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable. The problem is this version of Visual C++ isn't compatible with Windows 8.1. Any idea of how to make it work?... Thank you!

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if you face such a problem, please use the installer from our website.

The installer can check and update any missing components.

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Problems getting licence for trial version. Can't find the licence file.
Installaed the trial version from website. won't work.

Malware detected by defender. Possible malware?

Simlab Soft's picture

just send an email to they will help with the trial licesne

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Will you be releasing a version that works with SU 2015?

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The current version should work with SketchUp 2015, it support SolidWorks 2014 and prior, a new update supporting SolidWorks 2015 should be available very soon.

Antony H's picture

Is there something like this to convert SU drawings into SW? Just getting more into SW, (SW2014) and have not looked into integration between the two programs.

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The problem is that SolidWokrs was built to handle nurbs surfaces. while converting models from SketchUp to SolidWorks can be achieved by converting each SketchUp face to a plane face in SolidWorks.

SolidWorks will not be able to handle an object with larger number of those faces.

So SketchUp models will not be very useful in SolidWorks, and they can not be used for editing.

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The plugin has installed but when I select 'import' I get the message 'the Application can't write the temporary files needed please make sure that you have the right permissions'. What does this mean and how do I get 'the right permissions' whatever they are?

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What version of SolidWorks are you using
SolidWorks 2014 and prioer (parts and assemblies) are supported

Fluvio L.'s picture

I cannot see the import option, not even on the drop-down menu under Import...

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It is under menu Plugins -> SimLab SolidWorks importer -> Import

Briliant Adhi P.'s picture

I have installed this extensions, and now.. how to use the exporter?

창윤 김.'s picture

My Sketchup pro 8 doesn't have an install extension button. How can I install .rbz files?

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the rbz is for SketchUp 2013 and 2014

From the following link:

You ca download the installed, which should work with version 8

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Really wanted to do this on my Mac with Sketchup but the plugin doesn't work due to requiring some Windows runtime or similar. Any chance of either updating the compatibility note or providing a similar solution for Mac Sketchup please?

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