SimLab OBJ importer for Sketchup
SimLab OBJ importer for SketchUp, enables SketchUp users to import *.obj files into SketchUp.
SimLab OBJ importer for Sketchup

 The plugin imports geometries, colors, normals, textures, and texture coordinates. The plugin is supported on SketchUp 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, SketchUp 2013, and SketchUp 8, on Windows and Mac. 

For using this plugin, you can request a trial license. The trial license allows the user to use the plugin for 30 times (trial license automatically expires after one month)

The professional license of the plugin costs $79

The professional license allows the user to install the plugin on two machines.



This does not work.
I have Sketchup 2014. Installed the rbz from Window/Preferences/Extensions and now when I go Plugins/SimLab Obj Importer/Import it does NOTHING.

Going by the rest of the comments here saying how it doesn't work, I'm beginning to form the opinion you are scam artists.



I assure you that many users of the plugins are enjoying using it.

The problem is that if everything worked well for the user, she/he is less likely to write a comment, though few users are doing this and we really appreciate it.

If you contact they can check the model fro you.

When I try pressing the Import button in Extensions > SimLabs OBJ Importer, absolutely nothing happens, in fact, none of the other buttons work either.


I have exactly the same issue as this guy, and as you see the reply from simlabs is evasive and doesn't resolve anything.

Here's a tip SimLabs, it doesn't matter if you install it from within Sketchup, or you tell us to use the installer, it still comes down to one thing...... this importer DOES NOT WORK.

Simlab Soft's picture

Can you please let us know which OS and version of SketchUp you are using.

Can you please try to install using the installer in the following link:


Sketchup 2014 on WinXP.
Downloaded the 32-bit importer from here as you suggested:

I get obj_importer_32.exe downloaded. The best bit? "Sketchup was not found on your machine." LMFAO.

Moved the exe file into C/Programs/Sketchup 2014 so it would have NO excuse not to find it.
"Sketchup was not found on your machine."

What the actual fuck?
This software couldn't find a beer glass in a fuckin pub.


I've yet to see ANYTHING from SimLabs that actually works.

I'm using Windows 10 and I'm using Sketchup Make 2017

EDIT: I tried the link you sent but it still does nothing

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Estou enfrentando um problema grave , após ter instalado o plugin, eu não consigo por ele para funcionar , pois ele aparece na barra de extensões porem quando eu clico para importar ele não abre a janela que serve para mostrar o arquivo que eu quero importar ..

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Can you please let us know are you running on windows or mac?
What version of SketchUp?

Downloaded process ok... but obviously built for WinTel... there are no options in the import dialog box to access any of my drives. After a few seconds the extension crashes and SU needs to Force Quit.

Finally got a file imported, no textures tho... can't find any instruction or tutorails.

Not impressed so far...
OSX 10.10
SU 2016

your cell phone. Most likely to the data where you other stuff, which is the best part regarding.

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Please could I have a trial

Edit: Ah, excuse me; I now see that there are plugin installation instructions.

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Amazing! Outstanding! Must buy!

I don't typically leave reviews but this plugin has made a huge difference to my workflows and greatly expanded my capabilities with sketchup. I use it for importing plants from Speedtree Cinema, textured scans from my Structure Sensor, and furniture from all over the place. None of these three workflows were possible before and the ability to do any one of them would have been worth twice the price of this plugin. I'm continuously impressed by how quickly the importer works and how clean the models it produces are, including transparent textures.

It can be hard to fork over big cash for something that seems like it should be built into the base software, especially when there are free alternatives that work, but this plugin is so much better than those in Rhino, Max, Revit, etc..., clearly it has been refined far further by simlab than Trimble, Google, or @Last would have ever taken it.

Hey Trenton, how are you?

I am using this plugin but I am going through some difficulties and your help would be of great value. I will be forever grateful! :)

I'm importing an OBJ that is perfectly understood by 3ds max in relation to size and UV. When I import this same OBJ using this plugin, the object comes with wrong size and UV. At what point do you think I'm getting lost?

Thank you in advance for your attention!

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OBJ file format does not include units.

Our assumption for unit-less OBJ file is that all dimensions are in meters.

So you may need to set units in 3DS to meters before export.
or to scale imported object in SketchUp.

UV coordinates should not be affected with that. if you can share the model with support team ( they will be glad to check it for you.

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Can you please describe the issue.

Did you face an issue with the trial license? or with importing the file?

Can you share the file with us, we will be glad to check it for you.
You can send the file to

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i try many times to convert a 3d people but it's never work. you haven't any tutorial. why ? any youtub help .... just want to convert trees and people 3d just help us please

Simlab Soft's picture

We will be very glad to help.

Please send an email to

if you provide the model it will make it much easier to help.

I need to use the trial version as soon as possible for our project, and would purchase it if it works well. Can you send me the trial version? Or a link? It's Sketchup Pro 2016, PC

I tried the demo version. very good plugin. So I bought the license. I get sent a license key. But the record, I keep getting the same error message again. "The provided software is not vaild for this product." What am I doing wrong?


Ik probeerde de demo versie. zeer goed plugin. Zo ik kocht de licentie. ik krijg een licentiesleutel toe gestuurd. Maar bij de registratie krijg ik steeds opnieuw de zelfde foutmelding. "The provided software is not vaild for this product". Wat doe ik verkeerd?

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Few things can be wrong:

You are not using the full software key
The plugin version you are using is different from the one supported by the key you have.

Please contact
they will help you to activate the plugin.



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People complain so much without knowing how to handle a situation. this product works amazing for myself and our entire comapny! if you follow simple directions it works just fine!

i had an issue with simlab sketchup 2016 no longer working because i had orginally purchaced the sketchup pro 2015 KEY.. i emailed and Immediately called (JORDAN!!) to follow up on my email because i was cruched for time, these guys sent me a new key within 5 mins!
learn to use your resources people!!!

Just crap. I didn't succeed even in getting the trial activation key. The system gave me the message "internet connection failed". In any case such a price for one format doesn't make any sense. De-installed.

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This can happen if you have a firewall preventing connection to the server.
If you send an email to they will help you to get a trial license.

Jeremy M's picture

Can you please inform me how to insure materials and texture mapping import with the OBJ or FBX file as your literature would suggest it does? I get a blank un textured 3d model which Sketchup can do on it's own. I understood yours imported texture mapping as well. Just like the dinosaur image above. please advise,


Simlab Soft's picture

The main issue is having the textures in wrong location.
If placing the images in the right direction did not fix the issue, please share the file with they will help you with the issue

Jeremy M's picture

Let's be clear and start with where that location is please? Right now the MTL file is in the same folder as the OBJ. Would this be the right location?


Simlab Soft's picture

Usually this is the correct location.
If you are seeing colors but not textures, then MTL file is imported, the issue is with textures.
if you do not see color and you do not see textures usually this means MTL file was not read.

If you are missing textures only, you can open the MTL file it is a simple text file and check the location of the referenced textures

if you need help, do not hesitate to contact simlab support

Jakob D.'s picture

Very useful extention for connecting my Sketchup workflow
with some of the complexer models I bought for 3dsMax. Altough it costs $79, it sure is worth the money if you need to import the obj files into Sketchup (were, imo, trimble fails to support this, even on the $700 pro version!)... Keep up the good work ;)! Tnx!

TheStorm2406 .'s picture

Good job making it so difficult with the entire "trial key" thing. This extension is a whole lot of complicated garbage.

Simlab Soft's picture

The trial key was added because we found users using the plugin commercially by downloading multiple trials, so we needed a simple mechanism.

The trial key should be sent automatically to the user, and if the user faced any issue, an email to is all what is needed and we will be glad to help.

Brian H's picture

just installed it on my 2015 ....not working !!!...good thing it's a trial...not going to pay for this...

Simlab Soft's picture

if you have any model not working, please sent it to

we will be glad to check it for you.

Richard M.'s picture

Also just installed the trial. Still does nothing even though the file works perfectly in 3D Builder. I've tried another importer for OBJ and FBX which also doesn't work. I won't be buying either of them. Although the problem could be with SketchUp?

Andy D's picture

Does this no longer work on the latest Skechup, or on Macs?
I installed this and it did nothing, nothing at all.

Recently I installed a stl extension and it worked right away. This doesn't appear to do anything.

Simlab Soft's picture

We are working on updating this for SketchUp 2016, should be available next week.

Justin P.'s picture

The ability to import other file extensions into Sketchup should be free, a standard function of Sketchup. This extension should be redundant.

Braian C.'s picture

I'm using the trial version and I tried to import an obj model.

The 3D model imported very nicely, all the material apllied to the right areas, but no texture came with it.

My model was created and exported by Blender, and it has a UV map for the texture.

How do I get the materials to show the right texture with the UV coordinates I created?

Shlomi G.'s picture

I am trying to import an OBJ file size 832MB using SimLab OBJ importer plugin.
It looks like it is working and after about 5 minutes the operation just stop.
I receive no message and the OBJ file was not loaded.
I use Sketchup 2015 pro 64bit.
I have an i7-3740QM 2.7Ghz processor with 16GB RAM.
Is there a size limit for OBJ files in this plugin?

Bram C's picture

Same problem!

Simlab Soft's picture

How large is the model you are trying to import.

Can you share it?

Bernard D.'s picture

The largest file we successfully imported is about 40MB. I have shared a larger file here:

Kind regards

Simlab Soft's picture

We updated the installer in our website,
Please downlaod the 64 bit version from the folloiwng link

hopefully it should fix the issue for you.

We will work with SketchUp team to update this on the extension warehouse soon.

NatesWorld09 .'s picture

don't work nothing imports but hey they got my email and a file I had to download oh and ill make a vid and spam this post showing it don't work

Simlab Soft's picture

Can you please let us know the platform you are using?

Can you try to install using the installer from the following link

Some machines do not include C++ redistributable and the installer adds it for them.

If you still have any issue with your file, please contact us at we will be glad to help you.

Really you do not have to worry about spam, we are busy helping our users, no time for spaming others.

Calvin R's picture

How does one uninstall extensions from Sketchup?
I will be uninstalling this one, unfortunately.

Simlab Soft's picture

As all other plugins from Edit -> Preferences -> Extensions

You can remove any extension.

Best Regards,

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