SimLab IFC Importer for SketchUp
SimLab IFC importer for SketchUp plugin enables SketchUp users to import IFC files into SketchUp, where they can be edited.
SimLab IFC Importer for SketchUp

IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) data model, is intended to describe building and construction industry data. IFC file format provides an interoperability solution between different software applications. Using IFC reduces the loss of information when files are transmitted.

For using this plugin, you can request a trial license. The trial license allows the user to use the plugin for 30 times (trial license automatically expires after one month)


The professional license of the plugin costs $99


The professional license allows the user to install the plugin on two machines.


it just doesnt work. cant update it. doesnt import.

It has been more than 20 minutes the import is hanging.

It is good you have a trial on this so we know we should not buy it.

Wow, this importer is really bad. Surprisingly bad. So many geometric representations are missing. There's not even an IfcRevolvedAreaSolid.

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I am sorry this plugin did not work for you, can you share the model with I will ask them to investigate this model.

Did you manage to resolve the issue with the software hanging when importing. I am having the same issue and am looking for a resolve?

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We are planning to update the plugin in September, if you have any model that want us to test with the new build, please send them to

will s's picture

Won't Import. Also costs money after a free trial that does not do anything...

Brad P's picture

Doesn't import file. Just thinks and eventually says "not responding" in upper left hand corner.

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If you can send the file to we will be glad to test it for you.

Paul K's picture

Attempting to install gives error
"Notice: unserialize(): Error at offset 35 of 41 bytes in variable_initialize() (line 935 of /mnt/www/html/sketchupewh/docroot/includes/"

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Can you please let me know which version of SketchUp and which OS are you using?

Sjanine H.'s picture

Same Error here. I'm using SketchUp 16.0.19913. Mac OSX El Capitan 10.11.3.

Dear Sjanine H., I also have the same specifications; I managed by downloading the extension at

And manually install ...

Jessie W.'s picture

I have installed and set up the trial license however, when I go to import a file it thinks.... but doesn't import anything.

Bård K.'s picture

Where/how do I request a trial license? I have downloaded, but cannot find the starting link. Thanks!

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Start Licensing dialog from the menu Plugins -> SimLab IFC Importer -> Register
step by step instructions for getting a license can be found at the following link

yuko T.'s picture

i cant downloads !!

Lorenzo P.'s picture

Thanks !

Carpenter Y's picture

I could not find that function on sketchUpPro2014

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After installing the plugin, a new menu item (SimLab IFC importer ) should be added under Plugins.

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