SimLab FBX importer for SketchUp
SimLab FBX importer for SketchUp plugin, enables users to import *.fbx files into SketchUp, where they can be edited.
SimLab FBX importer for SketchUp

The plugin imports geometries, colors, normals, textures, and texture coordinates.

For using this plugin, you can request a trial license. The trial license allows the user to use the plugin for 30 times (trial license automatically expires after one month)


The professional license of the plugin costs $79


The professional license allows the user to install the plugin on two machines.


When importing .FBX models with UV coordinates, I am able to get the textures to work, but I am having an issue with scale. Seems to be defaulting to metric and I am needing it to be 1:1 with my model using standard inches. (is this a free-trail bug?). The settings in the plug-in are not robust enough to set this do I fix?

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There is no difference in functionality between trial and full version.

Internally the plugin uses meters, but this should not prevent it from getting units and showing correct size, if it does not do that (with auto scale option off) please send us the user model we can check it for you (

I downloaded the trial version, and the fbx file I imported was only 2.1 MB in size as a test model, after export, the SKP file has a size of 100MB+, so I tried reducing polygons and decreasing file texture but it keeps increasing so, I signed out my PC and then Signed in, the size is now 20MB+ is this normal?, and also I tried Simlab OBJ importer I thought the license was different so I requested another one, but it says the license is aready used on this machine but I think they are different plug-ins? I would like to compare their speed but moreover, the import was very fast, and also say I corrupted my PC and I'm using a standalone license, is there any way to retrieve my license? since using the other license to a new machine is another license.

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Please send an email to they will help you with the new trial.

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I downloaded the trial version from your website but it needs license and my computer is not connecting to the internet .how can i get the trial license?

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Trail code does never work - cheating company - no support at all.
It's not possible to run the tail and i do not pay tons of $$$ for a not tested code.

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You should be able to get a 30 trials , two weeks free trial code, if not, please send an email to

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It's not importing the textures at all.
Which is what I need if for.
I know the model has a texture.

What is going wrong?
Mac 10.11.6
SketchUp 2017

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FBX can have the textures included inside the file or referenced (exist in the file system) are the textures available?

Can you share the case with

They can check the model for you.

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After I have installed the plugin when I go to Extensions > SimLab FBX Exporter and click on any of the options (Import, Settings, Register, About), nothing happens.
Can you please help?

It worked well on Sketchup Make 2016. The UV coordinates, texture and smoothing groups are well preserved.

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Doesn't work - error Visual C + + tried downloading the external link above - no dice. No I can't even uninstall / remove or access settings etc. !

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I cant get this program to work on two different computers. Need some help. On one PC (windows 7, Sketchup 2014 pro) it just keeps telling me I need C++ even after it installs it for me. On the other computer (windows 8, Sketchup 2014 Pro) it never asked for C++ but it when I click on the FBX model to import it looks like it is doing something but then nothing happens after about a minute of waiting for the mouse symbol to change back from the waiting icon to the pointer icon.

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We are solving this issue seen on some machines.

For now you can download using the installer from the following link, it should solve the issue

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i tried to download your trial and after i installed extension i get a message saying i must install visual c++ then i click ok and still keep getting the same message

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We are updating the plugins not to need the C++ redistributable.

A quick solution is to download the installed from the following link:

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me too. plugin fails. Plugin settings window does not open. install visual C++ starts, "gathering information" then disappears. restart skethup, same thing. so far this plugin is a waste of time.

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Had the trial, it worked great. I would like to buy a license but your website is not working.

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Please send an email to support at simlab-soft dot com
Please inform them with the OS you are using and they will help you to get it working.

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this doesn't even runs on sketchup 2014, whenever I try installin this plugin, it says that is unable to install this extension by unknown reasons, and consult the extension documentary as needed for help/information.

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Another company that acts like the plugin is free and throws a paywall at you when you try to use it.

Stay away until they can figure out how to be honest.

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Hello Stephen,

We truly care for all users opinions, and we make sure to be 100% honest, it is our values.

Can you please indicate what informed you that this is a free plugin? so we make it more clear.

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Because no where in the plugin description does it say; "You may only use this for a certain amount of time/attempts". That should be one of the biggest details don't you think?
It's you guys trying to be sneaky and thinking your customers are idiots. We don't like to be thought of that way. You really should add that info to the description, maybe it'll let you gain a little bit of respect back!

We Are Not Stupid, Don't forget it or you won't be getting any downloads, let alone sales!

Have a good day!

I found your plugin by searching "FBX Importer". Yours and one other plugin showed up. That other plugin charges also, and supplies a trial. Kinda like yours. But they at least post this in the description:

"Okino software is targeted primarily towards professional 3D users such as the likes of Disney, NASA, JPL, ILM and 30k other similar corporate, aerospace, automotive, military & mid-level animation users. It is not targeted towards home users or 3D enthusiasts. Our prices are kept in the "lower price end" of the 3D professional software market, in the US$395 to US$905 range, for which we heavily subsidize the price of our dozens of CAD modules to be affordable to the mid- and upper-end 3D professional user. "

See, they are upfront and honest. They don't look at there trial as some kind of spam to get people to go to your site. They are upfront about what you are getting, and they also posts their price. Now If I was in the market to spend cash on some software, I would go with them regardless of your price. Because I know they are going to be honest and upfront with me. Which gives me the reasurrance that their customer support might also be great, Unlike what you're doing here...Which gives the opposite feeling.

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Based on the feedback, we updated the description, to describe trial policy, and the professional pricing of the plugin.

As a company adding our plugins to the store, our assumption was trial is the default, not free, we are participating in other stores, where they have a filed for the type of plugin Free, Trial (in this case describe trial policy), or Professional (you need to buy before first usage).

Sorry for any inconvenience.

My only note about your feedback, if I was providing the feedback, I would assume it was a mistake not being sneaky :->

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Just passing by... Nothing on this page suggests that it is free, but neither is there anything here to suggest it isn't. Their full website is a bit clearer on the pricing policy:

On the plus side, this plugin has an option for 15 attempts.


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