SimFonIA Animation Tools (SAT)
Powerful animation plugin
SimFonIA Animation Tools (SAT)

SimFonIA Animation Tools (SAT) enables to animate 3D scenes by controlling the graphical attributes of groups either directly or by associating a data file (example Excel data) that contains simulation results, measures or scenario.


Main tools

  • Data file reading: Data should be available in an ASCII file (of type CSV). This file can be created by any application such as Excel
  • Transformations : For each group, it is possible to change the following attributes:
    • Position, rotation, translation, orientation, scaling.
    • Color, visibility
  • Keyframes : There are three types of keyframes:
    • Deformation: surface distortion by changing vertices position inside a group.
    • Animation: definition of groups position
    • Camera: definition of view points
  • Signal Processor: The user can then create new time variables which are best suited to its animation goal. The preprocessor can also be used to create internal data from scratch.
  • Bullet: It is a physic engine (i.e. which handle gravity and collisions effects) that was interfaced with SketchUp. This tool is used to easily create classical links such as links pivot, slide, springs etc.
  • Exportation: 
    •  Videos: An easy-to-use interface lets the user choose the resolution, the initial delay, the duration and number of frames per second.
    • WebGL site: All SimFonIA customers have at their disposal a free website to host, display and distribute their 3D animations in the WebGL format. Thus the 3D animations can be manipulated through internet.
  • Extension SimFonIA Character Animation (SCA): This extension allows quick creation and management of skeletons in order to animate 3D characters. This function is based on BVH files ("Biovision Hierarchy Animation File"). These are ASCII files that contain 3D motion capture data.
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SimFonIA Animation Tools (SAT) allows to build animations of groups and components which can be defined: - either directly into SketchUp (with classic keyframes, transformations such as rotations, translations, color changes or more complex operations) - or from data files (simple texte files) containing simulation results, experimental measurement, recordings or scenario.... We have also an extension for character animation with motion capture data : SimFonIA Character Animator (SCA)