SightSpace View
Turn any SketchUp model into a mobile Augmented Reality experience
SightSpace View

Turn any SketchUp model into a mobile augmented reality experience! 

The SightSpace View extenstion creates special QR-codes that can be scanned with the free companion mobile app to display your SketchUp model in the real-world. Interact with digital models anywhere a QR-code is placed, from the conference room to blueprints to the jobsite. Virtually explore any space by moving your mobile device to view all angles and understand scale and context.  Experience designs in context and to-scale, take and share photos, and view associated information including model description.

Want to see how a building under construction will look when completed? Curious how a remodel will look in context before undertaking a project? Need to see items to scale, in the real-world? Watch designs come to life with SightSpace View! 

Try SightSpace View now and enjoy five free model downloads from your QR-codes. 

NOTE: SightSpace View creates QR codes that are compatible with the SightSpace View mobile app for Apple and Android.


  • Visualize digital 3D designs in your real environment using Augmented Reality technology 
  • Communicate your designs with a vast mobile audience
  • Manage your models with this easy-to-use SketchUp plugin
  • Add additional information (metadata) about the design such as a website, description, project name, and more!
  • Generate a patent-pending all-in-one QR code that:
    • Downloads our Free mobile viewing app
    • Identifies your unique model
    • Locates your design in the real world

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Limitless Computing, Inc., based in Boulder, CO, is a mobile cloud company specializing in Augmented Reality. Our SightSpace suite of Augmented Reality products for Trimble SketchUp pre-visualizes buildings, materials, fixtures, and more, using a mobile device to enable professionals to effectively communicate scale and context. Our users close deals faster and avoid costly construction delays by bringing designs to life in a real-world context.