Offsets the surface in selected groups or components.

Result of a work in progress test for another plugin I'm working on. It adds thickness to the surface inside selected groups and components. This plugin is in alpha stage.

Where is differs from Joint Push Pull is that it works on selected groups and components only. A group is added inside the group/component which will contain the shell. It generally seem to work faster than JPP, but it's tested far less and might very well break.


  1. Select groups and/or components.
  2. Activate Shell from the Tools menu.
  3. Enter a thickness in the VCB or pick a distance in the model.
  4. Double-click to commit. (You can also use Return to commit as long as the thickness has not changed.)

Menus & Toolbars

  • Tools » Shell


  • TT_Lib² — 2.7.0

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Mr Thom Thom . . . muchas gracias

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Can you explain to me wy this Shell plugin doesnt work on SKETCHUP PRO 2013?

I have try it on Sketchup PRO 8, and it works really fine.

I dont understand this problem, mostly if that plugin download say it work in SKETCHUP 2013.

NOTES: I have install the TT_Lib2, in both versions, and it doesnt work on 2013.

:-( can you help me. I have to finish my final architectural student work.

best greetings

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Hello Mr TOM.

Just to say that i solved that issue.

The problem was that shell plugin need to be open on:

1º "window"
2º "preferences" (system preferences)
3º "extensions"
4º on the menu, choose to add "shell" button.

That`s it.

Thanks for the great nice excelent plugin works.

best grettings.

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Is there a version of joint push/pull for 2013? it is much easier to use than shell, and can do individual surfaces.

Is there a tutorial video on how to use this? When I double click to add thickness, nothing happens.

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Does the TTLib only work on PC? Cannot reach an download, here or via your website...



Hey Thom-

I can't get this to work for some reason. I have a simple egg in geodesic form. When I click the egg and try it as either a component or group I get sharp shards exploding out of the egg with the same result using different offsets.

Thought I would give ya a shout!