Sheet List Generator for LayOut
Automatically generate a sheet list (table of contents/drawing list) for any SketchUp LayOut document
Sheet List Generator for LayOut

Create sheet list/index tables for LayOut documents from within SketchUp.  

Options available to adjust placement, position and sizing.


10 day free trial.  License can be purchased at:


To open in SketchUp, go to:

Tools > Sheet List Generator > Generate

Choose a LayOut file that you would like to generate a sheet list for.

The sheet list table is generated within the LayOut document which the user then has the option to open automatically to review.  The user may make tweaks to the table within LayOut or may re-generate and replace the existing table using Sheet List Generator.


Requires SketchUp 2018 Pro or greater.

Developed by Effortless Engineering

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Sheet List Generator for LayOut (1.0.1); February 11, 2018
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