Create virtual tours with realistic lighting that run in web browsers

Shapespark allows to create and share real-time 3D visualizations that run in any modern web browser, also on mobile devices, without any plugins.

The visualizations are created in the Shapespark desktop application and then can be uploaded to the Internet to be shared and embedded on websites.

SketchUp is supported through a dedicated extension that allows to easily export a model to Shapespark.

Integrated lightmap baking

High level of realism and good runtime performance of visualizations are achieved thanks to the integrated lightmap baking engine. The lightmap is computed during the visualization creation and then reused during the in-browser presentation. The baking engine automatically generates lightmap UVs (a tedious task if needed to be done manually).

VR support

The visualizations can be explored in VR with Google Cardboard. There is also an experimental support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, which currently requires installation of development versions of Firefox or Chrome browsers.

Presentation modes

Shapespark allows to present the visualizations in first-person and top-view modes. The first-person mode gives the viewer a realistic walk-through experience. It supports collision detection and stairs climbing for multi-level buildings. The top-view mode shows the model from above and gives an overview of the floor plan. In both modes the author can define multiple points of interests to easily teleport the user from one location to another.

Installation and pricing

The pricing is available at, Shapespark offers a free fully-featured 30-day trial for evaluation purposes.

To download Shapespark, sign up and click the download link. The installer for Windows automatically adds an extension for SketchUp 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Follow the tutorial to create you first visualization.

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Shapespark allows to turn SketchUp models into virtual tours that run in a browser.
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