Create a myriad of basic forms.

Shape options are found under the draw menu. Choose the shape you wish to draw and a pop-up menu will appear allowing you to specify the parameters for that shape.

Shapes allows you to draw 10 different forms based on user-specified parameters. The shape is drawn at the axis origin. Generate any of the following forms:

  • Box
  • Cylinder
  • Cone
  • Torus
  • Tube
  • Prism
  • Pyramid
  • Dome
  • Sphere
  • Helix

Thanks for John McClenahan and Jim Foltz for their contribution to this open source project.


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Mike V.'s picture

Works perfectly for me, Sketchup Make 2017, one of my most used extensions.

Dave B.'s picture

Does not work in Sketchup Make 2017 as far as I can tell.

hassan m's picture

thankx a lot

ElrohirElanesse's picture

Plugin didn't work

Jeffery L's picture

I am only seeing 4 shapes in the menu. I must be missing something.

Rocky B.'s picture

This works great. Easy to draw spheres. Just hit install and it works. Simple scale tool creates hemispheres.

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My only "shapes" options in the drop dowqn box are rectangle, rotated rectangle, circle, polygon. Where's the rest?

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download this plug in for more
its under Draw-
-3D Shapes

Habib N's picture

download this plug in for more
its under Draw-
-3D Shapes

Shiv N M's picture

Dear Sir

I have been trying to make sphere in Sketchup Pro 2014

But nable to make Spheres with Dia 5mm or less.

Is this a issue related to graphics card???
or it's a BUG???

Or Sketchup has constraints for such small 3D shapes???

Please help

Douglas J's picture

Dear Shiv N M,

I have a way around the problem. I scale my whole model up; say, 400%. I can do my sphere (or curve, taurus, etc.) at four times the radius. Then I scale everything back down to the original size.


Shiv N M's picture

Dear Mr. Douglas

Thanks for the help, i also tried and its works wonder


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To all modellers reading this thread:
One other issue I resolved in this was my units needed finer resolution: make sure the model's units are small enough to handle the small model size or Sketchup simply ignores them as you told it to (because the subdivided geometry is too fine for your default units to cope with.) So, if modelling small, set units to very fine accuracy and you can skip scaling. This solved my issue.

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i agree

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!!!!دمت گرم

Александр К's picture

doesn't work

seema S.'s picture

it doesn't work...can any body help can i remove it

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Cam on SketchUp Ex rat nhieu

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I have problems installing this plugin i SU 2014. Have just made a forum thread about it displaying the error message. Grateful for a response!
Regards T

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thank u


Good, but would be a lot more useful if you could choose where to put it.

Lee B's picture

When I go to edit the number of segments per 90 degrees in the sphere mode the program freezes up. I then have to force quit the program and restart it.

emre O.'s picture

it doesnt work, it gives load error.

emre O.'s picture

it doesnt work, it give load error.

PARIJONO A's picture

Thanks very much!

Jay R's picture

I need to execute these shapes as functions in Ruby, and C? thanks, ans to pls

Levi S.'s picture

Its a handy tool. I was a bit disappointed however that I could not draw a flat spiral. making the pitch 0 causes the helix to draw nothing.

敦史 堀.'s picture

thank you!

Hernán A.'s picture

I have problems installing it in sketchup 2014...

Thomas B's picture

me to, wont let me press install

ahmed o's picture

well done

SOMPOL13 ..'s picture

Is this plugin can be used on SU 2013? I can not fine the plugnin in the "Windows/preference/extnesion", and it's do not appear in the "Draw tool menu".

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The dialog captions need work.

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Probably the most useful extension with the BIGGEST fail ever. Why isn't a simple sphere feature included. I downloaded this, hoping there would be one and when I saw there wasn't deleted it. After all, it's possible to create the shapes included in this one but a sphere-making is a long and tiresome process.
5-Star Rate: ★★★

Martin M's picture

I totally agree! Why is it so tiring to create such a simple object like a sphere in SU?? With this plugin I still have to glue to domes together to get a sphere. This is a function that should be included in the basic tools! Please!

Paul J.'s picture

I downloaded the plugin to my desktop and then moved it into my plugin folder. Restarted SU but I do not get the shapes option under plugin or draw menu. What amd I doing wrong?


can you update this extension to add a sphere option ?

Fred H's picture

Yes, a sphere feature would be great!

juanbenet's picture

Where is the download link, I cannot see it anywhere?

thanks you very much,it is so useful for me ! thanks again

Thanks for the extension. A time saver for many of us. However, the Torus tool causes some unnecessary head-scratching because of a mistake in the parameter entry box. The second parameter entry is labelled "Inner Radius", but the actual parameter is the difference between the Outer Radius and Inner Radius.

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This is a good plugin. However, I do have a question. Is there a way to specify where the shapes are added? I see that they are always added centered on the axes intersection. As my models get more complicated, I need to be able to specify where the shapes are added.

Bottom line is though, that I like the plugin and see it as a time saver moving forward.

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