Shape Fitting
Find a best fitting quad for a given input polygon
Bounding Box method
  • Bounding Box method
  • Shape Fitting: Adaptive method
Shape Fitting

Shape Fitting plugin fits a Quadrilateral (Quad) polygon to a given input polygon. The idea for this plugin comes from the use of another - Park Generator - which expects a quad as an input region when the Grid rule is invoked.

Version 0.2.0 introduces three new methods and extends the existing one (with Box Type parameter). The first two methods are based on bounding boxes, the third - on vertex angles; the fourth is only there for comparison:

  1. AABB (Axis Aligned Bounding Box) and OBB (Oriented Bounding Box or Minimal Rectangle).
  2. Axes Corners - projects bounding box corners onto the polygon.
  3. Adaptive - looks for the four vertices with the sharpest angles.
  4. First Four - literally takes first four vertices (works only for the most basic shapes!).

You can read more about the methods on my site. Plugin source code is also available on GitHub!

How to use the plugin

  1. Create various polygons, e.g. circles, hexagons or custom-drawn.
  2. Select faces of the polygons.
  3. Select menu item Extensions > Shape Fitting.
  4. (New) In the opened Plugin window select a Method from the dropdown (and optionally, depending on the method - Box type) and press Fit.
  5. The Fitting Quad(s) will be added for each of the chosen shapes.


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