Paints or textures all faces that are in shadows automatically.

  Shadowtex targets a single ray from the center of a face, towards the direction of the sun and if a collision is detected preventing it from reaching that point, then it will be assumed that the face is in shadow.  This method only works with loose faces, but if the plugin is activated while inside a group or component it will target all the faces there.

  If shadows are only being projected in some areas of a single face, Shadowtex will not apply color or texture to does specific instances. Remember that the plugin only takes into consideration a single point on the center of the face and if that specific area is not on shadow it will assume the whole surface is like that as well.

  Do not consider Shadowtex a one click solution, but instead a plugin that will require your assistance in completing a specific task.

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I am facing a problem when marking actual shadow in the model using pencil tool. Is there any easy way in sketchup where software itself mark the shadow for whatever day we are trying to find out & same can be exported in to the CAD. I am waiting such type of extension for my licensed sketch up.

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