ShadeDat (Beta)
Shadow data visualizations for SketchUp. Visualize the shadow range and daylight duration throughout the year or during a certain day.
ShadeDat (Beta)


Shadow range analysis:

  • Capture screenshots of the model at different times of the day or year, then merge them together

Average daylight duration:

  • Applies a gradient map image filter to the above shadow range image based on average daylight duration, and provide a colour legend
  • Hover over image to show average daylight duration


Instructions for use:

Refer to images above or hover over menus for details. This is a beta software, backup your file before using it.


Bachir A.'s picture

Hi i ran the software once yesterday on a model and today its not running on that same model. So i uninstalled it and reinstalled it, then it worked before i re-opened the model in question, then after i opened it, nothing i cclicked onthe camera button and nothing happened.

can you please assist me on this

When you run the software with the camera button, a set of images is captured and saved (to the desktop with the folder name "ShadeDat image set" by default). You may want to try deleting the exported image set, if you haven't already.

Alternatively, you can open previously saved image sets, by first clicking on the folder icon beside the camera icon to open the "open image set" interface, then select the folder location (if it's not in the desktop), and clicking the folder icon again.

Aaron B.'s picture

ShadeDat doesn't seem to be updating my location - and is using Boulder as the default instead. How can I make sure it is using my model's georeferenced location?

ShadeDat always uses SketchUp's built-in mechanisms for casting shadows, so the model's location as reflected in "Window > Model Info > Geo-location" is accurate. I'll check out this bug soon....

Can i save image with filter?


This can't be done directly due to technical limitations currently, but you could take a screenshot or use something like "Snipping Tool" which comes with Windows 10. I will look more into this issue in the future.

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