Selection Toys
Allows the user to create, manipulate and filter selections.
Selection Toys

Provides a wide range of selection modifiers, filter out all edges, faces etc. Let you quickly select entities with similar properties such as material, layer orientation etc. Also let you select similar instances of the same Dynamic Component.


Select Edge Loops — (1.14.0)

Access: Tools -> Selection Toys -> Select Edge Loop

This select tool will pick out the loops of a face. Using the normal Select modifier keys you can add/remove/toggle their selection. Loops are either the bounding edges of a face or a hole in a face.


Select Instances - Selects all the instances of the selected component.

Select Active Components - Selects all the instances in the current work space. Excludes everything that's nested inside other components etc.

Select Active from same Layer - Selects all the instances in the current work space of the selected component which is on the same layer.

Select All from same Layer - Selects all the instances of the selected component which is on the same layer.

Dynamic Components

Same methods as for Components, except that it allows you to select by DC family type. Commands located under 'DC Instances' submenu.


When you make a copy of a group without modifying it SketchUp keeps a track of each these group items that's similar. You can see the Entity Info give you a number of how many copies there are.

(Commands are located under the submenu 'Copies')

Same selection methods as for Components.

Convert into Components - Converts all the group copies into components. Transformation and materials will be transferred.
Useful for when you have a model where groups where used instead of components.


Select Quad-face Loop - Select one edge and the connected faces and lines going in either direction from that edge will be selected as long as the faces have four edges.

More or less than four edges and the selecting stops at that point.


  • Select Connected Perpendicular Faces
  • Select Connected Parallel Faces
  • Select Connected Coplanar Faces
  • Connected Faces by Angle
  • Connected Faces by Area
  • Select Perpendicular Faces
  • Select Faces in Same Direction
  • Select Parallel Faces
  • Select Opposite Face
  • Select Faces by Area


  • Select Connected By Material
  • Select Connected By Back Material
  • Select Connected By Layer


All on Selected Layers - Select all the entities in the model that are on the same layer as the selected entities.

Active on Selected Layers - Select all the entities in the active context that are on the same layer as the selected entities.

Selection Modifier

Selection Submenu - Currently there's two kinds of modifiers. One filters out the type of entity you want. The other deselects the entity you specify.

You can filter/deselect these kind of entities: Edges, Faces, Groups, Components, Guides, Construction Points, Text, Images, Section Planes, Curves, Arcs, Circles, Polygons, nGons, 3D Polylines, Linear Dimension, Radial Dimension, Front Default Material, Back Default Material, Hidden, Soft, Smooth

Other filtering options are filtering entities with default materials, by their layers.

Tip: Assign keyboard shortcuts for these commands for quick selection modification. For instance; Ctrl+1 to Ctrl+9 for the filters and Shift+1 to Shift+9 for the deselectors. Very handy.

Known Issues

  • Ghost selections appear when selecting all groups/instances and some of them are nested inside other groups or components. (Fixed in Sketchup 7.1.)
  • Convert Groups to Components doesn't transfer glued_to and attributes.

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Super hilfreich. Danke

Stevie M.'s picture

Hey. I can't seem to get all the tools to show up, I can only see the first 8 of them in the toolbary., Any Ideas?

Hello, I'm your Fans. I really like your plugin.
Recently I was a bit puzzled when using Selection Toys.
I don't know what 3D Polylines this option is for
I try to draw a 3D curve, but I can't choose it.
Looking forward to your reply

ThomThom's picture

You get a 3D Polyline when you have the Freehand tool active and hold down Shift.

It's a very strange entity type in SketchUp and I never really used it. I threw it into Selection Toys simply because I could.

Francis Mc Shane's picture

getting an Ajax http error code 503 when trying to download the plugin. Seems to be affecting the extension warehouse site generally. What's up Doc?

ThomThom's picture

Seems like Extension Warehouse is having issues these days. Might be overloaded after the SU2018 release.

Francis Mc Shane's picture

I see. I'll give a day and try again. Thanks :)

Simon E.'s picture

This is a useful plugin but I only tend to use a few of the features. So I select the appropriate icons and place them in my main icon tray. However, the full palette always opens on startup. Is there a way to disable that? I use a Mac in case that makes a difference.

ThomThom's picture

I'm not sure what you refer to as "main icon tray". Is this the toolbar on Mac?
If so, then it's not something I have much control over from the extension.

There is a feature in the extension to select what toolbar buttons you want though. Did you use that?

Francis Mc Shane's picture

great extension. Thank you!

مصطفى محمود ق's picture

The addition of Choice Toys is one of the coolest additions in SketchUp

Fantastic extension. Thanks you!!

Jacob G.'s picture

Absolute must have plugin. Thank you!

Future feature please! Select random % of current selection (Groups/components).

TIG has this at Sketchucation as "Random Select" but it does not work well - selections are grouped and only operates on one seed, preventing one from making selections truly random, even via multiple operations using very small selections.

horia M.'s picture

great! Finally some good tools to make clever selection! Thanks a lot!

Luis C. S's picture

Thanks a lot, Excelent Job! well done.

Porfavor necesito ayuda, instale este plugins en mi ordenador aparece en la ventana pero cuando intento ponerlo en practica ninguno de los iconos funciona. podrían explicarme porque sucede eso? y como corregirlo.

You mention to assign a hotkey to the selection modifiers but the actions do not appear in the Window > Preference > shortcuts menu?

ThomThom's picture

Make sure you have a selection made that expose the Context Menu item you want to assign to. If you have nothing selected for instance the commands won't appear under Preferences.

no le comprendo podria ser mas especifico porfavor?

You are awesome! I use 3Ds Max for personal use but have to use sketchup for work so this extension is absolutely amazing! Thank you for all your hard work.

CoreMaster111 .'s picture


Thomas T.'s picture

Sounds like you left your comment on the wrong extension. Are you talking about BezierSpline by Fredo?

CoreMaster111 .'s picture

Oh man, my fault.

10004iomthon .'s picture

Am Thon.

Enzo O.'s picture

Hi Tom,

I'm using SketchUp16 and already installed Selection toy plugin and everything is there except
its not working. I tried to make a component and scatter it on the model space and use the select similar component button but nothing happen. Is there a quick solution in my case?

Thanks Tom,

ThomThom's picture

hm... can you make a post on the SketchUp forum and post a sample model?
(I'll see the post)

Rombout V.'s picture

Im on osx 10.11.6 using su2015. I cant get this to work, none of the select items work. I dont see any error in the ruby window though???

Any ideas perhaps

Thomas T.'s picture

Can you make a post in the SketchUp forums with a sample image and model?

(It's easier to follow up there as one can easily share files etc.)

Rombout V.'s picture

Not sure if i made a correct post, never done it in that manner.
Here'sthe link;

dad D.'s picture

very helpful & useful tools... thank you very much... bless you...

Binghang L's picture

Win7 64bit+SU pro2015
But I only got 8 buttons on the tool plate--- select/deselect from current selections:

I can not see the button to select all objects in current layer.

Binghang L's picture

Thanks, and I found that all other functions can be accessed from context menu (pop up menu by right click)

Panagiotis F.'s picture

Did you found a solution with the icons?Thanx in advanced. I see only 8 icons.

ThomThom's picture

All icons are not visible by default. You have to enable them from Selection Toys' preferences.

Mario C.'s picture

A mi me pasa lo mismo...

Ian Cleasby Drafting & Design's picture

Please update to 2016?

Andrey S.'s picture

SU 2014 cannot load extension if plugin's path contains some Unicode symbols (e.g. russian), so if your windows account has this symbols, it cannot work.
Same problem:

erwin w's picture

Thank you, it works!!

ruben b's picture

Just installed this plugin, Windows 8.1, SK15 Pro (Trial Version). This is the first plugin I've installed as I'm new to Sketchup. I don't get any error messages. The install seems like it installed correctly. It seems as though the plugin is working, if I right click on entites there are a whole slew of selections that I didn't have before. What I didn't was the tool bar. It seems like it didn't load. Any ideas?

ThomThom's picture

If you right click on the toolbar area, you should get a menu with all the menus known to SketchUp. Is the toolbar for Selection Toys not listed there?
(Did you restart SketchUp?)

Seung Ae Y.'s picture

Same here. Check the 'selection toys' on Toolbars option, but can't find the toolbar floating on the screen or on the bars with icons. Any idea please? (I have restarted SKP)

ThomThom's picture

And is it not in the list of toolbars under View > Toolbars?
What version of SketchUp and what OS?

Seung Ae Y.'s picture

Although I ticked the box of "selection toys" in View> Toolbars, there is nothing showing up on the screen. However there is Tools > Selection Toys menu which enables to open things like 'cheat sheet'.
I'm using Sketchup 2013 and Windows7.

ThomThom's picture

I wonder if that is a SketchUp bug. Try to disable and enable the toolbar a couple of times.

Billy E's picture

in sketchup 2015 win 64 bit plugin does not work.

ThomThom's picture

Can you elaborate a bit more to what doesn't work?
It doesn't install? Some specific function doesn't work as expected?
You see errors in the Ruby Console when you use it?

Don Torbjorn's picture

I seem to have trouble installing it on 2014. Nothing appears right away and when I restart SU I get a long thread of failure notifications about the plugin. I have TT2 and have also tried the version on Scetchucation which I thought might be more up to date, but I get the same result.
Grateful for any tips! I have had great use of other plugins of yours (many thanks!) and I think this also may be quite useful!
All the best T

ThomThom's picture

What are the error messages you are getting?

(Btw, if you want to post this on the forum ( use "@thomthom" in the post to attract my attention. The forums are often easier to use when tracking down issues and having a discussion.)

Don Torbjorn's picture

Good idea, then I will be notified as well if you find the time to shed some light on the problem! Regards T

jumpjack2 .'s picture

How can I use this amazing plugin to select just the edges delimiting a single hole on a surface containing multiple holes?