Selection Memory
Cycles through previous selection sets.
Selection Memory

Response to this thread:

Will let the user cycle through the five last selection sets. Useful when you for instance accidentally deselects a carefully crafted selection.


This plugin has not been tested under OSX! It is not known how it will behave under SketchUp OSX where one process can have multiple models open. Unpredictable behaviour will most likely occur.


To modify the number of saved sets, modify this constant in the sourcecode:


I recommend you do not change this to a too large number.

Menus & Toolbars

  • Edit » Cycle Previous Selections

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Hi there! I installed the selection manager on my SU 2017 but no menus are displayed, so I can't use the tool like many have sucessfully done! Please help!

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Are you looking in the correct top level menu? Note that this extension adds its menu under the Edit menu.

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Can I easily modify the code not having knowledge about Ruby? I don't wont to go through all the programming course in YT, just modify this one particular parameter. I opened the RB file in alexschreyer's Ruby Code Editor but all I can see is the very basic information about plugin, not the code content.

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Ok, I already worked that out. Just opened the RB file in Notebook and changed the highlighted parameter.

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It is working well (so far) on my Mac OS, with SU 2107. I will edit this post later if I get into issues with this extension. Thanks TT.

Thank you

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Thank you!!!

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this is great

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thaks.. you read my mind..!

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Greate plug-in!!! BUT it needs to be improved : it will be better to save selection sets by pressing button, but not every time when selecting something. It must work like this : when I select some set of objects I can store this selection set by pressing button "Save selection set" (may be even give the name to this selection set). This way I can store many selection sets (and give them names) And then: if I need to recall any of saved selection set then I just open list of saved selection sets and select needed selection set from list by name. It will be very handy and helpful plugin if you improve it this way! Thanks!!!

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i definitly owe you

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Thank you.
This should save me some time when i make a wrong click.